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Volunteering in Bible4health Missions

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Benefits of Volunteering in Bible4health Missions, the sky is the limit

Whether it is important to you to solve a community problem, advance a worthy cause or to develop as a person or work in charity shop or helping the elderly person, or helping out in the office and many more. Volunteering offers many benefits in appreciation for the gift of your time and expertise we offer compensation. Volunteering may lead into permanent employment in any of our offices or projects around the world.

  • Volunteering can help you:
  • Make important networking contacts
  • Learn or develop skills
  • Teach your skills to others
  • Enhance your résumé
  • Gain work experience
  • Build self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improve your health
  • Meet new people
  • Feel needed and valued
  • Express gratitude for help you may have received in the past from an organization
  • Communicate to others that you are ambitious, enthusiastic and care about the community
  • Make a difference in someone’s life
  • Improves the likelihood that children will volunteer as an adult

You may volunteer in any this areas;
  • Natural human health (Alternative medicines, therapies and lifestyle)
  • Environmental health (Keeping our living and public environment health and support to reduce carbon emissions)
  • Spiritual health (helping others and ours selves to have our spiritual life health in order to have a sound mind)
  • Prosperity health (helping others and our selves to get involved in projects and programs of business nature to help members of the community, families and individuals to acquire enough wealthy to support themselves)
  • Humanitarian projects and programs around the world
  • Shoes-Boots for African villages project
  • Support Life Spots in the Bottle project
  • Super Charity shops
  • Indoor and outdoor games, sports and activities
  • And many more
Disclaimer for Volunteers: 
Bible4health Missions makes every endeavour to provide a safe and secure working environment for all volunteers and not to ask any volunteer to perform tasks beyond the competency of the volunteer, or without appropriate training and supervision. However, every volunteer must take care for their own safety and well-being and the safety and well-being of others around them. Volunteers should not undertake tasks for which they do not feel competent or do work or work in situations at Bible4health Missions where they do not believe their own safety is assured. Volunteers must act in a reasonable and safety-conscious way at all times.

The Bible4health Missions Directorate Request concerning individual, family or community Support:  
The Bible4health Missions Directorate requests that volunteers not give any means of support to individuals, families, students, community or the need and the helpless directly with funding or with assistance to go to the other countries, while they are on Bible4health Missions projects and programs .  Any help Volunteer wish to give to individuals, families, students, community or the need and the helpless must be channelled through Bible4health Missions and be discussed with the director of  Bible4health Missions where the volunteer is engaged in the project or program or the project or program director

Become a volunteer of Bible4health Missions today;  Register as a Volunteer

Bible4health Missions:

From the very beginning, one of the most important goal for Bible4health Missions has been to support communities and individuals in need and those who are helpless, spiritually, in health and in basic essential goods to those in need and be a force for good. Due to the generous nature of Bible4health Missions around the world and the power of Bible4health Missions Network around the world, we are making a difference in people’s lives. We invite you to join forces with Bible4health Missions and start making a difference in peoples' lives.

We ORGANISE fun events that bring communities together, then give the profits to local community projects, programs and activities. come to bible4health missions events and you will have fun, make life long friends and make a real difference to you and your community.

A big part of Bible4health Missions is the opportunity to support communities and individuals in need and those who are helpless, spiritually, in health and in basic essential goods to those in need and be a force for good.

We could like you to be a friend and supporter of Bible4health Missions.

What is effectively a chance of meeting most of the time turns out to be a fantastic life experience for many. The team work and banter at events is what bible4health missions is all about -- it has helped many to develop new skills personally and, above all, the sense of achievement when 1000 happy children living with HIV/AIDS receive care and support, old men and women in African villages receive shoes to reduce and prevent health risks for walking barefoot”. become a help and care giver to the helpless and the need in the community.

If you want the opportunity to really make a difference, to local causes, in health, in the environment, in the spiritual life of others and yours, in helping others and your self to financial health or your whole community, be part of Bible4health Missions worldwide network.

To find your nearest Bible4health Missions Center or agent and come and see what we are about Or drop us a line by Clicking Here