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To book our venue for your event, or meeting, or party, or wedding, or any other, visit the venue website by clicking HERE or you can either download and print out the booking forms by clicking on this link -Venue Booking forms (Pdf) - or go to Calendars, Appointments and Booking website to make a booking request. To check our Venue hiring rates please go to the booking forms. Indoor sports, games, to watch DVD rates Please call 07454983076 / 01909477099
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Old Drill Hall Hire


Earlier and regular Bookings are discounted. Feel free to come a view the venue before you make a booking if you live in Worksop or in the  surrounding areas: Viewing hours are: Sunday to Thursday 09.00AM to 11.30 AM; Fridays 09.00AM to 17.00PM


The Old Drill Hall in Worksop is now managed and run by Bible4health Missions 

Bible4health Missions- It's All About Changing and Saving Lives - Key  Hands and The Raven Project for the need and the Helpless - "the social business with a community conscience" 

OLd Drill Hall is Located in shaw Street off Gladstone Road and Colbeck Road off  Gate ford Road near St. Johns Church behind Gateford Road shops, and with affordably-priced, historical conservation hall and cafeteria hall with modern equipment and chattels, The Old Drill Hall is now ideal venue Parties, weddings, conferences, meetings, networking events, church services, fellowship, training and many more.

It is 4 to 6 minuted walk from either Worksop train station or bus station. The address is Old Drill Hall Shaw Street, Worksop, post code is S80 1SJ. See the location on Google Maps. By typing in; "Shaw Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 1SJ 

Affordable in Worksop 

Whether you are an Individual, Family, Club, group, a small Worksop business or a large organisation with a presence in the local area, The Old Drill Hall provides value for money Parties, weddings, conferences, meetings, networking events, church services, fellowship, training and many more facility for hire to suit all budgets. 

Description of facilities 

The Hall is being refurbished, and comprises: 

Ground floor 
  • Large main hall and stage accommodating up to 120 persons in theatre style or 100+ at tables, depending on the type of function. No bar and no alcohol is allowed in this building or outside the hall after 21.00hours. 
  • Lounge/Meeting room to seat up to 20 persons 
  • Cafeteria room to seat up to 30 persons
  • Small modern kitchen (use is not included in hire charges). 
  • Toilet and cloakroom facilities. 
Basement floor
 (Not suitable for access by some disabled persons). 
  • Games room for all adults, youths and children, which has Snooker table, Pool table, darts board, computer games, various card games and other game equipment. 
  • Shop and office
  • Smokers shed with benches and garden table and ash equipment. 
  • Children Play area and Jumping Castle area 
  • Braai shed stand 

Hall regular user groups 

Bible4health Missions have daily morning and afternoon sessions and programs in the Kitchen/hall area on Mondays, Fridays . Key Hands Network members usually have indoor activities on Wednesday evenings which are held in the main Hall. 

Other regular users of the Hall at various times of the year, either for meetings, events or for practicing, include the Seventh-day Adventist church on Saturdays, The Raven Project for the need and the helpless Projects Training sessions, Youth and Children games, Sunday sales and several badminton groups, and there are occasional craft fairs throughout the year. 

Availability and Hire Costs 

Availability: The hall is available for hire Monday to Friday 8 am until 12pm. On Saturday the halls and rooms are available from official British sunset to Midi-night. On Sundays the halls and rooms are available from 06 pm to midnight.

All the bookings are staffed by a member of our team throughout the whole booking, we prepare the room or the hall for you and tidy away after (unless you have a party then you are expected to help)

Free Use of the venue

We also offer free use of our venue to individuals or community groups who wish to take up and run the following discussions groups under the guidance and sponsorship of Bible4health Missions, such as;

1. Patch-Up Group (Patch-Up group has provide quality prevention education related to bad health, major lifestyle illness and pregnancy prevention to people at risk in our community.)

2. COMEHES group (A general mental health group focusing on positive coping skills for adults)

3. PSPE Group (Individual & Family Therapy-Pspe group will strive to respond to the psychological, spiritual, physical and emotional challenges people face—Discussion group)

4. Hope and Rise Group: (A depression therapy group focusing on support and coping skills for adults)

5. HECSAD (Helping Children Succeed After Divorce discussion group)

6. PP (Progressive parenting Classes)

7. AMA Group (Anger Management for Adults discussion group)

8. CARE (Caring Adolescents Reviving Expectations)

9. Or any other discussion groups which can be formed by an individual, charity, company, church or community group which it’s aims and objectives fall within the aims, objectives and values of Bible4health Missions.

Our venue can host various functions from meetings, wedding receptions, Dinners, trade fairs, parties, reunion, training, Workshops, Seminars, Health Expos, Conferences, Networking Events, Church services, Music & Choir practice, Fellowship evenings, Exhibitions, Public Advice Events, Community Groups and many more.

We are a one stop service that fulfils all your necessities and can arrange anything from a light snack to grand wedding reception.

All of our functions rooms, which are being refurbished, will be equipped with modern equipment, sound system and wireless internet that can be linked to LCD screen and better facilitate your meetings or event objectives.

Old Drill Hall provides a wide range of table setups and seating arrangements to suit your personal or groups need. You can also relax and enjoy an after meeting cup of coffee or snack, mingle with your colleagues in our kitchen cafeteria area or have game of pool, table tennis, chess, darts, video games and many more in our game room/Shop area in the basement.


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