Teeth Sensitivity:


• Teeth sensitivity occurs if the protective enamel around the teeth gets eroded and nerve endings under the teeth get exposed


Symptoms to look for: 


• Sharp pain on eating, drinking something cold, hot, sweet or sour

• Pain on contact with air, while breathing through the mouth




• Using hard-bristled toothbrush

• Brushing aggressively

• Plaque or bacteria in mouth

• Teeth whitening products


Natural home remedy using mustard oil and rock salt: 


1. Take 1 tbsp mustard oil

2. Add 1 tsp rock salt

3. Apply on teeth using your index finger

4. Massage gently

5. Leave it for 5 min

6. Rinse mouth with water


Natural home remedy using salt:


1. Take 1 glass lukewarm water

2. Add 2 tsp normal salt

3. Mix well

4. Rinse mouth with this solution once in the morning and once at bedtime




• Brush gently

• Hold brush like a pen, rather than a weapon