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Very Important Note for the third World Countries

We supply 

 Tools, Medical equipment, Hospital supplies, Vehicles, Computers, TV screens, Video players, Video cameras, Used clothes, Used shoes, Used items, General books, Educational Books and food stuffs to the hospitals, charities, need individuals and schools in third world countries at a discounted price.

As for Hospitals, clinics and Schools run by churches or charity organisations in the third world countries, we have free offers every quarter of the year all you need to do is keep checking our website for these free offers. What ever you choose from the free offers, you will need to meet the shipping and packing costs from United Kingdom and customs duty in your respective country.  For more details please contact us

Buy Tools - Now: We supply more that 6000 domestic, commercial, industrial and professional tools from more than 100 manufacturers across Europe to raise money for our community, humanitarian, health, spiritual and environmental health projects and programs.

Not-for-Profit company limited by guarantee, started in 2008, Registered in England & Wales in 2013 No. 2271656 & No 8528700; In Zambia in 2016 No.120160000526

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