Sweating Disorder (Hyperhidrosis):


• Sweating keeps the body cool

• One may also sweat when angry, embarrassed, nervous or scared

• However, excessive and erratic sweating is troublesome


Symptoms to look for:


• Sweating even at cool temperature

• Sweating usually restricted to palm and feet

• In some cases, it may spread through entire body




• Usually a genetic condition


Natural home remedy using coconut oil and camphor:


1. Take 1 cup coconut oil

2. Add about 10 g crushed camphor

3. Mix well and make a paste

4. Apply on areas prone to sweating




• Drink 1 cup tomato juice everyday

   o It is rich in anti-oxidants

   o It helps regulate sweat glands

• Keep your body cool by:

   o Eating grapes

   o Drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday