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This project is to provide free and cheap footwear inreducing the health risks for walking barefoot in the remote villages of African, were they can not afford a shoe due to the economic situation in these countries.

We are giving out used and treated Shoes and Boots to the people in the remote villages of Africa. These shoes and boots are distributed either through Churches, Hospitals, Clinics or our Brave teams in Africa.

If you are a church or hospital or clinic and interested in working in partnership with Bible4health Missions to reach the needy in your area and also organised "The shoe and Boots for African Village project" you need to write to; Bible4health Missions, 86 Kingsway, Worksop, Notthinghamshire, S81 0AG, United Kingdom. State clearly your interest in working with Bible4health Missions to reach the needy in your area, specify clearly how you are going to assist Bible4health Missions to distribute either humanitarian AID or Shoes or boots to reach the needy person.

Health Risks of Barefoot in African Villages

There are numerous risks involved with going barefoot especially in the remote villages of African countries. Since there is no artificial protection of the bare foot, some of the possible issues include cuts, abrasions, bruises, or puncture wounds from glass, nails, rocks, or thorns. Poisonous plants, animals, or parasites can enter the body through the cuts on an injured bare foot, Deaths caused by snake bites, scorpions and dangerous insects.

Hookworm larvae (found only in warm, moist climates, in most African countries), can also easily burrow through a bare human foot. Athlete's foot is also spread by people walking barefoot in places where the fungus is likely to grow, such as around farms, after the rain, near rivers, in Gardens or in the wet soil in the plying fields of the African farm.

In cold weather, shoes also provide thermal insulation, protecting against frostbite or cold due on the grass in the village footpaths . Other issues that are common in these countries as a result of frequently going barefoot include calf pain, Achilles tendinitis, or plantar fasciitis Blisters on the feet occur in especially walking on stones or gravel roads, children suffer more than adults because the adults skin has become more robust after years of walking In addition, individuals with diabetes or other conditions which affect sensation within the feet are at greater risk of injury while barefoot. Considering the above health implications in the African remote village Bible4health Missions started this project to fight against these health risks of walking barefoot in the African remote village.

Appealing for old and new shoes and safety boots and support

Bible4helth Missions wish to appeal to you as an individual, Family, organisation, shop or factory for donations of any footwear, old or new, or for voluntary financial support or donations of items, equipment, food stuffs, products and materials, to be used for humanitarian AID and also for the A Shoe–Boot for the African Village Project in Africa.

To donate, you can either send your donations to Bible4health Missions, 86 Kingsway, Worksop, Notthinghamshire, S81 0AG, United Kingdom. or Write to us stating what you want to donate, quantity and if possible weight and will arrange for collection. We do collect anywhere in the world.

Financial Support

Click on the link below, to support us financially;

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How we send the Items we collect to the needy around the world

Fisrt of all a request for a particular item is received by our office, the aid committee exams the request, by openning a regular communication between us and the organisation requesting. Through this communication we obtain required information, to either accept or reject the request.
When the request is accepted then the requesting organisation is informed that they need to pay shipping, customs and our management charges only. When the organisation accept the charges quotation and when money is received then we ship the crate or container. There is no price for the items

All our Items are shipped incrates or containers.