Freight Quote Estimate outside the United Kingdom* -
 Our recommended shipping option for orders outside the United Kingdom, and your best cost savings alternative. The Freight shipping price quote for your order is an estimated cost, it's based upon an approximate calculated cost per LB or per Kg of total weight, precise zip code location, current fule surcharges, individual item packaging dimensions, and any federal or state mandated shipping materials requirements by law needed for specific items on your order to be delivered.
How Does The Freight Quote Service Work?
Once your order is placed we'll shop for the best freight carrier quote for your order - then call or email or fax you with an exact freight price, either applying a credit for your order or letting you know what the exact cost is for your order. In some cases the best option might be to use UPS, DHL or Fedex since there are several factors which can effect the actual freight price. When we call, or email, or fax you back we'll provide you the shipping quotes and options we have, then recommended the best shipping option available for your order delivery and simply let you decide.
Don't Pay More if you are ordering from us on our wholesale price:
Most wholesale shopping sites don't provide a Freight quote service. They would rather rely on standard web-based data too return shipping options and prices only. Regardless of gathering any needed information to produce an accurate shipping quote for you. When larger orders are needed this method of web-based shipping having more information can be extremely innacurate, sometimes resulting in extra shipping costs which could be up to 20% or more over-estimated. The overrage usually isn't always refunded back to you either, so don't pay more - because you don't have too!
Less Headaches:
Doing business today is tough enough without the added hassles of worrying about shipping overcharges. We feel you should pay what the exact shipping costs are, period - the reason we provide you with this free service for all orders. We're interested in helping you pay less or succeed in running your business, if you are buying in large orders, and we know how to get it done efficiently.
Your Advantage:
You'll have the competitive edge and flexibility by not having to mark up your products higher just too cover the overrage of any shipping costs for your orders with us. By using our Freight quote service and saving on shipping larger orders you'll benefit from higher profit margins on sales, or just pass the savings on to your shoppers - it's your call, and your competitive advantage with Bible4health Missions Wholesale.
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