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• Schizophrenia is a condition in which the patient experiences complete breakdown in relationship
   between his thoughts, emotions and behaviour
• The chances of developing this condition reduces after 40 years of age
Symptoms to look for:
• Delusions
• Hallucinations which make the patient believe in events or perceptions that do not exist
• Incoherent speech
• Genetic condition
• Stress during pregnancy
• Pre-natal viral infections
• Childhood abuse
• Chemical imbalance in the brain
Natural home remedy using cardamom powder: 
1. Take 1 glass hot water
2. Add 1 tsp cardamom powder
3. Mix well
4. Leave it for 10 min
5. Sieve the mixture
6. Drink while lukewarm
Natural home remedy using licorice powder:

1. Take 2 tsp licorice powder
2. Add 200 ml water
3. Boil it till the water reduces to half
4. Strain the mixture
5. Consume the water when lukewarm, first thing every morning
• Fish promotes good brain health
• Aromatherapy helps reduce depression and anxiety