• Rosacea is a chronic skin condition usually affecting the face

• This condition is often mistaken for acne or eczema

• People with lighter skin tones are more prone to this disease


Symptoms to look for:


• Red patches 

• Swelling of face

• Brief burning sensation on skin multiple times during the day

• Irritation in the eye

• Watery eyes

• Thick and dry skin

• Swollen eyelids




• Swelling of the blood vessels beneath the skin

• Factors which aggravate rosacea are:

   o Sunlight

   o Spicy food

   o Alcohol

   o Stress

   o Sinus infection

   o Extreme temperatures


Natural home remedy using fenugreek seeds, ginger and honey: 


1. Take 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds

2. Add 1 L water

3. Allow the mixture to simmer for 30 min

4. Strain the liquid

5. Take 2 tsp ginger paste

6. Press the paste on a sieve and extract juice

7. Add the ginger juice to the strained liquid

8. Add 1 tsp honey

9. Mix well

10. Sip 1 glass of this mixture every morning

11. Do this for 15 days to prevent reoccurrence of rosacea


Natural home remedy using licorice powder, honey and aloe vera:


1. Take 1 tsp licorice powder

2. Add 1 tsp honey

3. Remove thorns and outer skin of an aloe vera leaf

4. Extract gel from inside

5. Add 1 tsp of this gel to the mixture

6. Mix well

7. Apply on the face

8. Leave it for 15 min

9. Wash off with lukewarm water




• Avoid skin products with mineral oils, alcohol and fragrance

• Avoid spicy and sugar based foods