Rheumatoid Arthritis:


• Arthritis refers to severe joint pain

• It's an auto-immune disease

• The pain in the joints can make a person immobile


Symptoms to look for:


• Pain and swelling in joints like:

   o Fingers

   o Legs

   o Arms

   o Wrists

• This pain is most severe in the morning




• Body's tissues are attacked by their own immune system

• Common in people over 40 years of age


Natural home remedy using mustard oil and camphor: 


1. Take 1 cup mustard oil

2. Add 10 g camphor

3. Heat the oil till the camphor dissolves completely

4. Massage lukewarm oil on the affected area


This will help improve the blood circulation in the area and will reduce the inflammation and stiffness


Natural home remedy using potato:


1. Take a few unpeeled potato slices

2. Soak in 1 glass cold water overnight

3. Drink this water on an empty stomach, every morning


Natural home remedy using green gram and garlic cloves:


1. Take 3 tbsp green gram

2. Soak in 250 ml water overnight to get sprouted gram

3. Add 2 crushed garlic cloves to the sprouted gram

4. Mix well

5. Consume 2 times a day


You may add salt and pepper for taste