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"Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers". 3John 1:2
As Volunteer
  1. As new Volunteer you will be required to go through our Free Ten session Volunteers Training either by attending weekly or monthly training sessions or by post from Bible4Health Missions Head office before you can participate in any of our Projects and Programs.
  2. Due to Government regulations and laws in some countries, restricting people to volunteer basing on age and Health condition. Bible4Health Missions will follow the Government regulations and Laws of the country you are currently residing. 
  3. You be required to participate in one or all the programs or projects or Humanitarian assistance in natural disasters, emergencies (like fires, accidents & etc) organised by Bible4Health Missions, or where Bible4health Missions head office have decided to participate, or have been asked to participate in,  either in your area, country or abroad. (For example, Natural disastered, Water projects, food programs, Evangelistic programs, Health programs, outreach programs, and many more.
  4. Remember some of the projects and programs will be either in partnership with other organisations or carried out only by Bible4health Missions.

Volunteer work in all countries around the Globe

When they are more than five volunteers in a particular country, then Bible4Health Missions head office will appoint a Volunteer director, whose respossibilities will be to organised the Volunteers, carry out training of the new volunteers, organise projects and programs of Bible4health Missions in that country, report to head office and many more.

The Volunteer Direct will receive a monthly Direct Volunteer allowances, while other volunteers will receive project or program allowances only if they participate in that particular project or program

Benefits for registering with Bible4Health Missions.

  1. Every person, friend or family you refer to Bible4Health Missions, if he/she purchases any items or products from our online store or sign up for the Natural Health Share International (NHSI), Bible4Health Missions will give a gift of appreciation, this gift is indicated in the voluteer manual which will be sent to you after you have registered as volunteer.
  2. Whenever there are free Gifts of blessings, you will be the first to be considered to receive these free gifts of blessings. (Check in the annoucement page on this website or in our newsletter)
  3. You will have choice of free material which you will wish to receive from Bible4Health Missions E.g., Bible Studies, Health issues, Books on marriage, Books on various topics related to Bible and Health.
  4. If you are a student or you intend to be a student you may qualify for small student fund, Details on how to qualify for this fund please write to Bible4Health Missions.
  5. From Time to time you will be invited to participate in Tours and trips that we organise either within UK or abroad
  6. Bible4Health Missions participates in humanitarian, Evangelistic, HIV/AIDS, and the Needy programs. When such a program has been arranged you will be the first to be invited to participate in such a program. All expenses paid unless otherwise.
  7. On request you will receive free Bible4Health Missions T-Shirt and Cap of your size and other items whenever their are available once a year, as long as you remain registered with Bible4Health Missions 
  8. And many more benefits which are in the volunteers hand book

Register as a Volunteer to Bible4health Missions



Have done volunteer work before?

Are you fully insured for Health/Accident/Travel/Repatriation?

If not currently, do you intend yo be fully insured for Health/Accident/Travel/Repatriation for the time you are in volunteer work

Have you read the information sheet for Volunteers which is available at our website, and you accept its contents? (especially the areas related to visas, anticipated costs, and conduct while on volunteer work station or areas)

Disclaimer for Volunteers: Bible4health Missions makes every endeavour to provide a safe and secure working environment for all volunteers and not to ask any volunteer to perform tasks beyond the competency of the volunteer, or without appropriate training and supervision. However, every volunteer must take care for their own safety and well-being and the safety and well-being of others around them. Volunteers should not undertake tasks for which they do not feel competent or do work or work in situations at Bible4health Missions where they do not believe their own safety is assured. Volunteers must act in a reasonable and safety-conscious way at all times.

Do you agree with the Disclaimer for Volunteers?

The Bible4health Missions Directorate Request concerning individual, family or community Support: The Bible4health Missions Directorate requests that volunteers not give any means of support to individuals, families, students, communityor the need and the helpless directly with funding or with assistance to go to the other countries, while they are on Bible4health Missions projects and programs .  Any help Volunteer wish to give to individuals, families, students, community or the need and the helpless must be channelled through Bible4health Missions and be discussed with the director of Bible4health Missions where the volunteer is engaged in the project or program or the project or program director.  

Do you agree with the Bible4health Missions Directorate Request concerning support to individuals, families, students, communityor the need and the helpless while you are on Bible4health Missions Projects or programs?

Declaration of Truth: I declare that the above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge.