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 Projects and Programs  (COMING SOON)

Projects and Programs

Humanitarian projects

Bible4Health Missions is dedicated to changing people’s lives, of neglected children, HIV/AIDS Victims, the aged, the widows, the homeless and the orphans in remote communities all over the world. It has been our experience that humanitarian relief seldom reaches the distant areas or village members, yet sometimes they are the ones who need it most.

The many purpose and goal of humanitarian projects spear headed by Bible4Health Missions is to bring human relief and Godly providence to all ethnic groups, especially focusing on orphans, the HIV/Aids Victims, the homeless and abandoned children and families in remote areas of the world. Moving people toward a new vision and enabling them with God’s providence, healthful living, character development, the skills and resources for a brighter future.
For us, every individual counts, whether in an area of great media coverage or not, we believe that ethnic communities around the world would benefit from being a part of Bible4Health Missions

Our focus on the community helps us to have a wider reaching impact in the lives of children, families and individuals made vulnerable through war, disease and circumstances beyond their control.

Re-Building after War
What we do:
Bible4Health Missions has several projects planned and in the process, we also work along side National Organizations to build safer communities for those affected in these areas.

Through experience, planning and careful research, we identify areas where change can be made through a little sacrifice and great vision. We visit these areas and assess the local needs and we work with the people and other organizations to build a more sustainable life and future, by providing God’s providence, healthful living, character development, necessary skills training and the required facilities.

We spend quality time with the project targeted people, playing with them and interacting to learn better how and what their individuals needs are so we can customize a response that will meet their needs and help to build a strong foundation for the future of each individual, family and child.

Bible4Health Centers: 
Providing medical care and treatment with homeopathic and natural remedies, natural therapies and skills, the word of God, Healthful living, and character development, thus benefiting the whole person and the community. In most cases, when living on the outskirts, the distance and lack of transportation to major cities to receive the medical help makes it difficult to get the proper care. Here is where Bible4Health Missions endeavors to continue to expand in order to provide those in need with accessible natural care within their reach.

Monthly outreaches:
That provides balanced meals, clothing and the word of God, once a month, a day to five days activities and educational opportunities. A fun filled day of getting to know the project targeted group and interacting with the community, thus providing an arena to better meet their needs.

Yes, everyday in designated areas, Bible4Health Missions is teaming up with others to fund and provide what is needed to help lay a foundation for a life that loves to learn and also to provide meals, the word of God, Healthful living lessons, character development and loving care in a fun activated environment.

In working and communicating with those in need or leaders of communities and partnering with like minded organizations, Bible4Health Missions desires to customize programs and provide the resources to help whole  communities and individuals to grow and become more self sustaining.

How we do it:
The projects that we carry out are directed in several different ways. Our efforts include raising funds through our stores, sales of scratch cards, competitions, quizzes, puzzles and questions, entry fees, services and gifts, which are then carefully distributed where the needs are most urgent.

We also have a network of local groups where our groups, can visit a project and spend their time and talents in several ways for example, by teaching the project targeted group, helping with a building project or volunteering at Bible4Health Missions centers

Each Key Hand gains a personal experience with the program target group and families assisted and a real ability to change the lives of people that they would never ordinarily meet.

The Key Hands Network enables our network members to take part in restoring lives to those groups of people of the community targeted by the project, due to circumstances beyond their control such as, poverty, disease or in some cases, war. We are consistently growing and we would like you to grow with us, become a Bible4health Missions volunteer and find out more about our missions around the world.

Health projects
Youth and school children Healthful Living Education        

Bible4Health Missions provides a range of individual, family and community based health projects and services to support the existing government health system in the area where Bible4Health Missions is operating. 
First of all we establish Bible4Health Missions centres which provides 
1. Practical education in healthful living, character development and the environment
2. Medical care and treatment with homeopathic and natural remedies, natural therapies and skills,

We support; 
1. Individuals and families experiencing difficulty in coping with poor health
2. Health facilities and situations and work in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies to co-ordinate and deliver a workable healthful living program of focused interventions.
We are committed to a multi-disciplinary approach to provide an effective and focused local groups and community service. 
Our services are generally provided at Bible4Health Missions centres and in the clients' own homes or facilities and focus on empowering them to make a positive difference to their healthful living and their lives. 

Evangelistic projects                                        

1. Religious books 
2. Translation and printing of religious materials
3. Personal support and witnessing of the word of God from Bible4Health Centers
4. Ministry with youth
5. Audio and video for the preaching and teaching the word of God 
6. Weekly campaigns
7. Christian preaching crusades
8. Friendship and fellowship package program.
Friendship Package program was developed for:
• Outlying and isolated members of the community who are willing to hear the word of God but they can not attend any Christian congregation. 
• Members of the communities who are terminally ill. 
• Widows, fatherless, homeless, orphans and the aged
• HIV/AIDS Victims
Friendship Packages are done and delivered by our local groups and by individual families or individuals who are willing to participate and support Bible4Health Missions in their areas.

9. The Friendship and Fellowship Packages include
1. Gifts
2. Bible studies
3. Helping hand
4. Games
5. Social outings
6. Tours and trips

10. Video tapes and Computer generated presentations package program.

To provide a video projector, video tapes and computers, DVDs to spread the word of God to local communities and to others who are willing to support Bible4Health Missions in their areas. 

These Video Projectors and computers will be able to project video tapes and computer generated presentations on a large screen. These projectors have proved a very effective tool for health and sermon presentation and evangelistic activities. 
1. Christian Crusades program.
2. Conferences program.
3. Talk shows and autographic presentations.
4. Healthful Living outreach programs

These programs listed above are designed to be organized and carried out in every area where Bible4Health Missions is operating, or if there is a need to go to areas where there is a need for Health campaigns or word of God
The programs focuses primarily on the motivations for members of ethic communities on healthful living, character development and the word of God across a broad geographical, cultural and theological spectrum, as well as the means, structures and systemic realities that encourage healthful living, character development and the word of God.

Community projects

Community projects in the remote areas of Africa
       Please Help 
Hungry children receiving food

School children receiving box of clothing, shoes and toys
Bible4Health Missions provides a range of community based services to support vulnerable children, young people, orphans, the homeless, families and vulnerable adults and individuals when they are facing a crisis and have nobody else to turn to. We support people experiencing difficulty in coping with, poor health, bad character family life and social situations and work in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies to co-ordinate and deliver a program of focused interventions. . We are committed to a multi-disciplinary approach to provide an effective and focused client-led service. 

Our services are generally provided in the clients' own homes or facilities and focus on empowering them to make a positive difference to their lives. 
What makes this service so successful is the contribution made by our volunteers, who each work on average 2 hours each week. 
Our range of services is targeted to specific age groups and circumstances and includes: 
• projects for the correction of healthful living and safety failures; 
• projects for the provision of health facilities where none currently exist; 
• projects for the replacement of provisions which has come to the end of its natural life; 
• projects for the improvement or replacement of existing facilities; and 
• projects to organises Religious and medical trips and tours. Trips and tours is a unique project that we are operating. The project offers purposeful religious and medical adventures for everyone willing, where the main objective is to expose all those on the trip or tour to love, friendship, fellowship, religious beliefs, History of religion and modern medical systems. This will assist in improving and change the lives of many people who go on these trips and tours 

Orphans and street Kids

Help the street kinds 

Floods                                                                                      Hurricanes

Giving to Bible4Health Missions

Dear Friends 

Thank you, in advance, for desiring to give into the work that Bible4Health Missions is involved in. There are five ways you can give to bible4Health Missions:

Thank you for giving to Bible4Health Missions we can now have a meal a day

1. Send us an email or fax detailing what you want to give and where you are located and we shall come and collect, (Please Note: We do not accept giving through telephone)
2. Go to our website 
3. Photocopy and fill in the giving form at the end of this booklet, you can either post it or fax it
4. If you can manage to post or deliver, just post or courier, or deliver your gift to Bible4Health Missions 86 Kingsway Worksop Nottinghamshire S81 0AG. Email: (Please Note: No deliveries should be make from Friday 14:00 hours to Saturday 22.00 hrs during these hours the office is closed and no body is available)
5. If you are giving towards a particular project or program you can write direct to that particular project or program detailing what you are giving or you can deliver your gift to project or program director who will then inform the head office

Please note: If you want to give money do not send cash, request for our banking detail, we require you to deposit the money direct to our account 

When you give to Bible4Health Missions once, you will receive a certificate for giving, If give more than five times then you receive a free honorable associates membership to Bible4Health Missions valid for five years, we will entitle you to participate in various commits of Bible4Health Missions. Details are the offer package.

If you have anything to give please photocopy and fill in the form, which is in Appendix D on page 37 for Individual or family giving and Appendix E for companies and organizations of this Booklet

Thank you for your gift!!! May the Almighty God bless you.


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