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Prickly Heat:
• Prickly heat is a skin condition caused by collection of sweat
• It occurs around body parts which are prone to sweating, like the:
   o Back
   o Underarms
   o Waist
   o Chest
Symptoms to look for:
• Rashes and raised bumps on the skin
• Intense itching
• Sweat causes irritation of the skin
Natural home remedy using chickpea four and margosa leaves:
1. Take ½ bowl of chickpea flour
2. Add 15-20 crushed margosa leaves
3. Add little water to make a paste
4. Mix well
5. Apply on the affected area
6. Leave it for 15 min
7. Wash off with cold water
This removes the dead skin cells and provides relief from inflammation
Natural home remedy using papaya or cucumber:
1. Take some papaya or cucumber pulp
2. Apply on the affected area
3. Leave it for 25 min
4. Wash off with water
This cools the affected area and relieves the itching
• To prevent rashes during summer:
   o Wear loose cotton clothes 
   o They dry off easily
   o They prevent sweat accumulation