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Humanitarian projects Bible4Health Missions is dedicated to changing people’s lives, of neglected children, HIV/AIDS Victims, the aged, the widows, the homeless and the orphans in remote communities all over the world. It has been our experience that humanitarian relief seldom reaches the distant areas or village members, yet sometimes they are the ones who need it most. The many purpose and goal of humanitarian projects spear headed by Bible4Health Missions is to bring human relief and Godly providence to all ethnic groups, especially focusing on orphans, the HIV/Aids Victims, the homeless and abandoned children and families in remote areas of the world. Moving people toward a new vision and enabling them with God’s providence, healthful living, character development, the skills and resources for a brighter future. For us, every individual counts, whether in an area of great media coverage or not, we believe that ethnic communities around the world would benefit from being a part of Bible4Health Missions Our focus on the community helps us to have a wider reaching impact in the lives of children, families and individuals made vulnerable through war, disease and circumstances beyond their control. Re-Building after War

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Not-for-Profit company limited by guarantee, started in 2008, Registered in England & Wales in 2013 No. 2271656 & No 8528700; In Zambia in 2016 No.120160000526

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