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Item Code: FOODCUTTER/01

Easy to Use, Great Results The Stainless Steel Food Cutter is ideal and practical for every kitchen and quickly slices, dices, and shreds vegetables, fruits, cheese and more. The base and all its components can be dismantled for easy cleaning and sanitation.

Sale Price : £160.00

Instructions on how to Buy

Interested to Buy this food Cutter?

All you need to do is text 'SHOP' and then he item code” of the food cutter which is" FOODCUTTER/01" to 82055 then we will send you, your special purchase code number and statement. 

Buying options

  1. To buy this product yourself, you can either buy it cash, by credit card, Debit card or by any online money accounts like paypal. Click here to enter the Facegiven Shop which offer these payment methods
  2. You can ask your friends to help you buy this product. All you need to do is to email or text your friends the complete statement and the link to the Platinum Food Cutter which Facegiven will send to you you. The link will allow your friends to view the The Platinum Food Cutter which you interested to buy. Then ask your friends to send an SMS to 80255 with the the special code which we shall send to you, after showing interest in owning this Platinum Food Cutter 

This is how it works:

Every person who sends an SMS which has your special purchase code number you will gain £10.00 automatically towards the Platinum Food Cutter

If you really interested in owing the Platinum Food Cutter, Simply divide £160 by £10 which will equal to 16. This means you will need 16 friends to send SMS to 82055 with your special Code which Facegiven alots you to raise £160.00.

Facegiven will only deliver when the contributions have reach the total price of the Platinum Food Cutter.

The price of the food cutter includes includes delivery or postage and within United Kingdom. To other countries outside the United Kingdom, please add the postage, shipping and packaging charges. Click here to see the charges.

Platinum food Cutter