B4H Missions Sunday Gala Show 

Facegiven Wave

The Facegiven Wave, which is a quarterly Gala show, is part of Bible4health Missions and is funded by Facegiven Social Networking site.

The aim of Facegiven Wave is to offer support to the following:

  • Existing Charities, not-for profit, Self-Help groups and contacts
  • Religious organisations and individuals involved in the work of God
  • Organisations and Individuals involved int health
  • Individuals acting as a Self Help contact
  • people wishing to share their experiences
  • people who would like some help and support

To the above, we offer at an agreed fee the following;

  1. Publicity, advertisements, press releases, etc, before, during and after the Gala show

  2. Finding a place to meet & speakers for health and religious meetings

  3. Training courses & specific information (inc. videos)

  4. Use of equipment (photocopier, typewriter/computer, TV/video etc.)

  5. Ideas for group fund raising, applying for grants

If you would like to know more about these services please contact us