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"Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers". 3John 1:2


1.   Stores and Warehousing

A.       Various Books, Videos, DVDs and equipment
B.       Health and Medical supplies
C.       Christian materials, Books, DVDs, Videos and many more
D.      Educational Books, Videos, DVDs and equipment
E.       Health & Medical Books, Videos, DVDs and Equipment
F.       Bibles & prophecy books
G.      Audio Tapes & CDs
H.      Health foods
I.        Health Beauty products
J.       Herbal & homeopathic remedies
K.      Herbal teas

2.   Projects

A.       Humanitarian Projects
B.       Evangelistic Projects
C.       Health Projects
D.      Community Projects
E.       AID & assistance to the needy, Elderly and disasters
F.       Conferences & Seminars & workshops
G.      Music groups & Concerts
H.       Competitions, Tours & Trips
I.        Belita Lubemba share program
J.       Support projects and programs

3.  Religious Department
a.       Christian evangelism and education
b.       Free Home Bible & Health studies
B.         Preachers & Evangelists
C.         Counsellors on Spiritual, Marriage, Health and Child character Development
D.         E-Counselling & Consultancy
E.          Bible and Health living education
F.          Facilitation skills training
4.   Health and healthful living Department
B.      Health and Medical supplies
C.      Herbal remedies
D.     Herbal Teas with their medical conditions
E.      Homeopathic remedies
F.      Health and Beauty products
G.     Healthful Food stuffs
H.      Health education
I.        Free health correspondence studies
5.  Technical and Engineering Department
A.       Medical Equipment and engineering for the third world
B.       Hiring out of Video recording equipment, cameras, PA system and etc
C.       Computer hardware and software
D.      Bible Software
E.        Secretarial services ( Business cards, Letterheads, PowerPoint slide preparations and many more
F.       Camcorder video editing and converting
G.     Videos projectors and TV screens for churches and hospitals in the third world
H.      Field services

                                                              i.      Video recording of weddings, parties, meetings, comp meetings, crusades, church services, community projects and many more

6.   Supplied only on request and on contract

                                                              i.      Spare Parts on;

(a)              Medical equipment
(b)              Computers
(c)               Video and studio Equipment
(d)              PA System
(e)              Educational equipment
(f)               And any electronic or mechanical spare part



Individual and group consultancy

Providing high quality support, advice and practical assistance – in relation to particular issues and problems, and about the processes involved in tackling them.

Training and development

The design and delivery of on-site learning aimed at improving the performance of individuals, groups, networks and organizations. We work in a hands-on way, combining expertise with participation.

Facilitation skills

Providing people who can lead, chair, host, facilitate or enable your group, committee or event – usually on a one-off basis. Also, equipping other people to develop these roles.

Seminars on the Bible and Health living

Bible4Health Missions can provide experts speakers on a range of topics related to our TWO subject areas: Bible and Health.

Conferences and events

Bible4Health Missions organizes, partners, sponsors and supports a variety of conferences for those who want to meet with others with a Christian, charity and Health life interest, in an informative, stimulating, and challenging environment. Upcoming events are advertised on the Bible4Health Missions web site and via our mailing list.


Bible4Health Missions provides half-day or full day workshops on a range of the Biblical and Health living issues from a Biblical perspective. Designed for both small and large groups, these are particularly useful for people who want to know more about how to apply their education, faith, love, care, business and money to the world around them. They can be customized to suit the needs of the particular group, and combine both theory and practical exercises.

Prayer and conflict transformation

A number of community counsellors, Christian counsellors and health counsellors and our partners offer specialist services in handling conflict creatively, using workshops, consultancy and other techniques to move from confrontation to creativity. Occasionally Bible4Health missions staff will assist groups or individuals in this area. Confidentiality is paramount to us.

Bible and Health living education

Bible4Health can provide general and specialist Bible or Health living training, for church groups, schools, companies and for those outside faith communities who want to find out more.

Bible or Health living education is about how coherent health living and Christian understanding is developed through methodological, creative and prayerful investigation of (and reflection on) texts, traditions and contemporary insights together.


Facilitation skills offers a range of services in support of individuals, churches and groups, networks, businesses and organizations concerned with volunteers, or Faith in God belief or community or Health living.
Our services have been created with the intention of assisting people to develop a workable Biblical and Health perspective on the world around them – as well as the skills and aptitudes needed to help them engage effectively, adaptively and creatively in Christian and health living.

Facilitation skills services include: 

  • Individual and group consultancy
  • Training and development
  • Facilitation skills
  • Seminars on the Bible and Health living
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Prayer and conflict transformation
  • Bible and Health living education


Services are provided by arrangement through Bible4Health Missions staff, associates, partner organizations and other specialist referrals.

 We are developing service packages – but above all, we seek to operate flexibly and we charge free, voluntary and commercial rates, tailoring and developing what is offered in relation to your specific needs.
We begin by discussing with you what your requirements are, and then agreeing with you how we will work together and on what basis (contracting).

 We work according to our values, which involve mutuality, enablement, sharing expertise, participation, faithfulness, truthfulness, inclusion, peacemaking, equal regard, social justice, encouragement and hospitality.

In terms of charges, we adjust these according to ability to pay – ranging from free, to voluntary rates, to full commercial rates. As a general guide, our voluntary scales are usually between £30 and £300 per person per day, and our commercial rates are £200 - £750 per person per day.

We are also pleased to discuss skills swaps and non-monetary exchanges.

If you don't see listed the type of service you are interested in, why not let us know what you need, and if we can't help you we will try and point you in the direction of someone who can.

In our day to day business we also carry out and support Humanitarian projects, Health projects, Evangelistic projects and Community projects both in the United Kingdom and the third World.

We are not a church or affiliated to any church organization although our business name suggests so. We are not-for profit company operating independently of church structures and denominations. On this basis, we will work in partnership with a number of organizations and governments who broadly share our values and perspective.

Bible4Health Missions will also provide expert services and personnel for any organization, church  and business houses in; Seminars & Workshops, Education & Training, Facilitation Skills training, Marriage counseling & presentations, Health living presentations, Health & Beauty messages, Prayer warriors training, Church Service Sermons, Bible studies & Presentation, Video recording & pictures, Tracts & Posters

Bible4Health Missions is not and shall never be a political party, or participate or entertain politics of any country, direct or indirect in the day to day of business

We would be happy to hear from consultants and other service providers who are interested in working with us.
To find out more about any of the above why not drop us an email with the type of service that you are interested in.

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