Natural Yeast Infection Remedies

Cure Your Problem With Yeast Infections Naturally!

If you suffer from yeast infections and want relief… if you’re tired of trying pills, potions, and lotions… and if you’d like to cure your yeast infection once and for all the natural way… then you’re going to be so glad to have found this site.

Inside the book, you’ll discover:

The many triggers of yeast infections – so many factors go into starting yeast infections…including pregnancy, antibiotics, steroids, diet, stress, clothing, menopause, sex, and many other less common sources. Identifying the source can go a long way toward helping cure your yeast infections.

The short & simple story on yeast- the hows and whys of yeast infections, where they come from and why we get them.

Yeast infections and HIV. The straight facts you need on yeast infections and AIDS/HIV

Is it a yeast infection? How to know for sure if you actually have a yeast infection…or if you have something else.

IMPORTANT: Systemic Yeast Infections – what systemic yeast infections are, how to know if this is your problem, and how to deal with recurrnt yeast attacks.

Male yeast infections…their causes, systems, and cures. Yes, men get them too…and here’s what to do.

Natural remedies galore! The best of the best…dietary tricks (like the yogurt tampon!), garlic cures, cranberry preparations, oil of oregano, cinnamom, teas and more .

General yeast infection cures. We cover all the cures…prescriptions, over the counter cures, acidophilus, supplements and more .

Douche Therapies. I’ll give you a variety of douche preparations that wokr wonders for many yeast infection sufferers…and you get all the recipes.

Tea Tree Oil Secrets. Many people swear by these techniques of using tea tree oil — and we cover all the details.

Mistakes to avoid. Here’s the list of things you should avoid to prevent yeast infections… including foods to avoid, douches that spell trouble, bath preparations, clothing and feminine hygeine products that can cause you misery.

Homeopathic remedies. The information you need on homeopathic remedies.

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