Nasal Congestion:


• Nasal congestion refers to a blocked nose


Symptoms to look for:


• Blocked nose

• Difficulty in sleeping, smelling or eating with a closed mouth

• Reduced hearing ability




• Inflammation of blood vessels in the nasal passage

• Swelling in the nasal cavity

• Excessive production of mucus

• Sinus, cold and influenza are other causes


Natural home remedy using tomatoes, butter, black pepper powder and garlic:


1. Crush 3 tomatoes

2. Boil them in 1 glass of water for 10-15 min

3. Add 1 tsp of butter

4. Add ½ tsp of black pepper powder

5. Add ½ tsp of garlic paste

6. Mix well

7. Have this 3 times a day


Natural home remedy using black pepper powder:


1. Heat black pepper powder on a pan for 2 min

2. Inhale the fumes 


Natural home remedy using carom seeds:


1. Crush 2 tbsp of carom seeds

2. Place in a cloth

3. Hold this near the nose and inhale

4. Repeat 3 times a day




• Eating hot and spicy food clears nasal congestion