• Mumps is a viral infection

• It is a highly contagious condition


Symptoms to look for:


• Swelling of neck, throat and cheeks

• Loss of appetite

• Painful swallowing




• The infection usually spreads through saliva

• This infection may pass through patient's:

   o Cough and sneeze

   o Utensils and food


Natural home remedy using ginger:


1. Make thick ginger paste

2. Apply on swollen area

3. This reduces pain and swelling


Natural home remedy using aloe vera:


1. De-thorn and remove outer skin of 1-2 aloe vera leaves

2. Extract gel from inside

3. Apply this gel on the inflamed area


Natural home remedy using asparagus and fenugreek:


1. Take 3 tsp asparagus powder

2. Add 3 tsp fenugreek powder

3. Add water to make a thick paste

4. Mix well

5. Apply on the swollen area