• Moles are round in shape, plain or raised spots on the skin

• They are harmless but their appearance can be a cosmetic concern

• Moles are present during birth but grow and darken with time


Symptoms to look for:


• Usually moles are black or brown in colour

• Some can even be red or pink

• Moles could also have hair growing out of them




• Melanin gives the skin its colour 

• Over-active melanocytes in the body produce excess melanin resulting in moles


Natural home remedy using coriander leaves:


1. Crush some coriander leaves to make paste

2. Apply this paste on the spots

3. Let it stay overnight


Natural home remedy using pineapple:


1. Cut a pineapple

2. Rub on the moles for about 5-10 min

3. Do this several times a day


Natural home remedy using garlic:


1. Crush a few garlic cloves to make paste

2. Apply this paste on the mole

3. Hold it for 30 min using a bandage or cloth

4. Do this every day for 2-3 weeks


Natural home remedy using cashew nuts:


1. Take ½ bowl of crushed cashew nuts

2. Add some water to make a paste

3. Apply this paste on moles

4. Applying this paste regularly will help fade the marks