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• Mastitis is a bacterial infection of the breast tissue
• New mothers develop mastitis during breastfeeding
• Bacteria enters the breast through the cracks present in the nipples
• The condition causes pain which hampers the breastfeeding process
Symptoms to look for:
• Around the breast:
   o Pain
   o Warmth
   o Redness
   o Swelling
• Fever
• Chills
Natural home remedy using cabbage leaves:
1. Take a few cold cabbage leaves
2. Press them on the breast
3. Replace the leaves when they reach room temperature
Natural home remedy using fenugreek seeds:
1. Soak 3-4 tbsp fenugreek seeds in water overnight
2. Crush them to a paste in the morning
3. Apply this paste on the breast
4. Leave it for 15 min
5. Cover it with a cloth
6. Repeat 2 times a day
• New mothers should wear lose clothes, which do not cause any discomfort or friction around the