Long Shiny Hair:


• Hair is made of protein fibres that comes from the follicles present on the scalp

• A good diet provides essential nutrients to hair

• Hair care is important to get long shiny hair


Natural home made hair conditioners using banana, milk and honey:


1. Take 1 mashed banana

2. Add 1 egg

3. Add 3 tbsp milk

4. Add 3 tbsp honey

5. Mix well

6. Apply on hair and scalp

7. Wash off with a mild shampoo after 30 min


Natural home made hair conditioners using eggs and olive oil:


1. Take 2 eggs

2. Add 5 tsp olive oil

3. Mix well

4. Apply this on the scalp

5. Wear a shower cap

6. Leave it for 30 min

7. Wash off with mild shampoo




• After washing the hair, allow them to dry naturally

• Use hair dryer only after the hair is mildly damp

• Comb hair regularly and gently