Levels of Accessing Pages

There are four access levels on this website, each level has its own pages, functions and applications.

  1. Level o - Visitors - Pages are for the public to view only without being a participant of this website
  2. Level 1- Free Participation - is for signed participants only and this level has limited access and functions
  3. Level 2 - Business Class- is a premiun level, you need to upgrade from Level 1, that is from being a free participant to Business Class. On this level you can now start earning money for being active on this website, shop in our store on discounts, receive coupons, upload videos, upload music and many more. To read more Click Here
  4. Level 3 - The Brave - is a premium level for joining The Brave Team. In this level you access all pages, all functions, all offers and participate in all activities on this website. Participate in fundraising activities, businesses, Earn money by organising projects, programs, services and activities sponsored by Bible4health Missions and many more. To Read more Click Here