KeyHands Club International

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Who are KeyHands?

KeyHands is an international project run by Bible4health Missions for all peoples in the world to share and help the helpless and the need in our communities by means of contributions or donations towards the specific needs of others. 

The contributions or donations can be in form of volunteering, employment, money, school fees, products, items, equipment, machinery, food stuffs, Clothing, beddings,shoes, toiletries, groceries and many others.

We are KeyHands, Are You?

  • To those in need and really need help in your neighbourhood and around the world
  • To children who are; either abused, starving, homeless or made destitute or became orphans by death of their parents
  • To Families who are struggling
  • To those who are looking for jobs in Christian institutions and organisations
  • To him/her who is worried and depressed because his/her parents, or spouse or child is sick and he/she does not know what to do  and can not help because he/she has no means
  • To a person who wants to start a home business or already running a home business but no finances and no know how
  • To a person who is a student and needs some sort of assistance

We do provide small educational grants.

Do you need food, clothing, shoes, beddings, money, a job, home business, cleaning up your house or gardens, and many more? Please contact Bible4health Missions for information

Do you want to have a Christian marriage? Join KeyHands Club International or Contact us, we might be of help

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 Help Someone in need:

To be part of this program all you need to do is join KeyHands Club International by clicking here and we will let you know the people either in your area or elsewhere  that needs your key hand either by post or by email.

If you want to give money to help them NOW click on Donate Button below. If you want to donate a product, item, food stuff, shoes, clothing, beddings,and so forth, click here to Donate Product/Item

When you are on the  Product items page complete the form and submit. Bible4health Missions will act according to the instructions you put on the form.

Do you or someone you know needs help?

If yourself or you know someone who needs help, either financial, job, products, Items, physical, mentally, psychological, medical, emotional, or any other not listed in our key hands page, Please complete the form below, and bible4health Missions will list the person you introduce on key hands confidential page. (All personal details are  confidential)

 KeyHands Club International
We are KeyHands, Are You?

To most people this is just a US $5 bill   

To us, it's a gift of hope to someone in need or helpless. 

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Help someone in need through your generous Donations. Click on Donate Button now and give what you can afford 

Donate a bicycle for our care givers in the third world --Click Here--Watch a Letter from Zambia Video below

 Join KeyHands Club International for free today Click Here 

Street Kids 

Divorced and chased from home with children and not knowing what next

Starving, Homeless, orphans. No clothes, children in Africa and third world please help

Medical care of the  aged, adults and children in need

Starving, Homeless, orphans. No clothes, children in Africa and third world please help

Abused children needs help, while the abuser also needs help, be there for them both  

 And many more