Intestinal Worms:


• Intestinal worms are common in the rainy season

• The condition usually affects people in the tropical and sub-tropical regions


Symptoms to look for:


• Loose motions

• Bad breath

• Dark circles

• Constant hunger pangs

• Anaemia

• Headaches




• Worms breed in unhygienic conditions

• Worm eggs travel inside the intestine via contaminated food or water

• Worms like hookworms may enter the body if one walks barefoot on soil

• The eggs of these worms hatch and multiply in the intestine


Natural home remedy using jaggery and carom seeds:


1. Take 10 g jaggery

2. Eat on empty stomach in the morning

3. Wait for 15 min

4. Then eat ½ tsp of crushed carom seeds

5. Follow with 1 glass of water


Natural home remedy using coconut and castor oil:


1. Take 1 tbsp crushed coconut 

2. Eat along with the breakfast

3. After 3 hr

4. Take 1 glass warm water

5. Add 3 tbsp castor oil

6. Drink the mixture


Natural home remedy using papaya and honey:


1. Peel and de-seed 1 unripe papaya

2. Crush the papaya to make a paste

3. Press the paste on a sieve and extract papaya juice

4. Add 2 tsp honey

5. Add 5-6 tbsp hot water

6. Mix well

7. Drink once every day


• This remedy is recommended only for adults