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Do you have any of the following listed below which you want to scrap?

a.  Vehicle                                                           
b.  Computer
c.  Generator
d.  Scooter
e.  Motor bike
e.  Bicycle
g.  Lawn Mover
h.  Printer
i.   Office equipment
j.   Hospital beds
And many more.
All these items must be in good working order or repairable condition. As for vehicles they must have valid MOT and Road Tax to be able to move it from your place to our warehouse
 Bible4Health Mission has an going program to provide these items to Africa and the third world for free,
1. Mission Hospitals and schools
2. Orphanages
3. Churches
4. Charities
5. HIV, Cancer and rural health outreach Programs
Contact us  and we shall come and collect what ever Item you give
How we send the Items we collect to Africa and the third world

All the collected products, machines, Items and many more are shipped in containers to either our branch office in a particular country or straight to the requesting organisation