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Our mission is to help people maintain and/or regain optimum health. All “Bible4Health Missions” health products are completely natural, vegan and herbal

We use a company with impeccable credentials in the nutrition field. All products are tested to make sure each batch of ingredients is totally pure and of the highest quality. Only the very best goes into “4Health” health products!

Health is broadly defined by Bible4health Missions as a state of;
  1. complete Spiritual health, 
  2. Environmental Health, 
  3. Complete Natural Human health, 
  4. Prosperity health and Social well-being  and not simply the absence of disease or infirmity and control emotions. 

You must send your request for the latest in nutritional information and health products to regain your lost health. Find out how to:

 Reduce weight Relieve Cramps
Stop stomach aches
Lower bad cholesterolStop Hot Flashes  Stop cold sweats
Lower blood pressure
Stop coughs  Improve sleep
Lower diabetic medication
Improve circulation Stop snoring 
Improve immune systemImprove memory Reduce medications
Stop coldsRelieve constipation
Lower doctor bills
Remove prostate problemsImprove regularity Have a happier life 
Regain clear thinking
Clear your colon Have more money 
Improve lagging energy Improve digestion Enjoy old age

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The Nine Natural Laws of Health

 Fresh Air

Pure Air   




 Plenty of Exercise


 Healthful Diet

Proper Diet

Pure Water 


 Trust in God  

Trust in Divine Power  

 Simple Herbs
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