• Headache refers to any pain or discomfort in and around the head and neck



• Chronic headache could be indicative of an underlying ailment

• The other causes of headache include:

   o Stress

   o Lack of sleep

   o Physical exhaustion


Natural home remedy using green tea and lemon:


1. Take 1 cup warm water

2. Add a green tea bag

3. Squeeze ½ a lemon

4. Mix well

5. Drink for instant relief


Natural home remedy using lemon rind:


1. Separate the rind (outer covering) of 2-3 lemons

2. Chop and crush the lemon rind to make a paste

3. Apply on the forehead for quick relief


Natural home remedy using cinnamon powder:


1. Take 2 tbsp of cinnamon powder

2. Add water to make paste

3. Mix well

4. Apply on the temple and forehead for relief


Natural home remedy using watermelon and sugar:


1. Take 1 glass of watermelon juice

2. Mix 1 tsp sugar in it

3. This relieves headaches caused by heat




• For chronic headaches:

• Drink water mixed with honey every morning

• Drink this on an empty stomach