Guide to Natural Sleep Remedies

Many of us experience the occasional night of sleeplessness without any consequences. It is when the occasional night here and there becomes a pattern of several nights in a row that you are faced with a sleeping problem. Repeated loss of sleep affects all areas of your life: The physical, the mental, and the emotional. Sleep deprivation can affect your overall daily performance and may even have an effect on your personality. If your insomnia continues for a long period of time it can cause problems in your relationships, compromise your productivity, and perhaps lead to other health problems.

Your sleeplessness is due to a pattern of not sleeping, or because your body and mind find it difficult to settle into a state of relaxation necessary for sleep, this book offers you alternative choices for achieving healthy sleep without the use of prescription drugs.

This book will teach you how to:

Set the mood for a comfortable sleep atmosphere

Prepare your body for relaxation

Use colors to stimulate calmness and relaxation

Understand the importance of exercise

Use music and other relaxation techniques

Relieve your mind of anxiety and worry

Discover the importance of reducing stimulants

Use herbal teas and warm drinks to promote relaxation

Use herbs and vitamins to promote natural sleep

After reading this book you will have the information you need to turn your sleepless nights into restful ones, waking in the morning refreshed and alert rather than tired and anxious.

All of the techniques and sleep-inducing aids in this book can be applied naturally and easily in your life. Get ready to embark on the journey of falling asleep naturally!

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