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Grants and Loans








(A)   Bible4health Missions Grants 

What are Bible4health Missions grants?

Bible4health Missions Grants are subsidies. We offer funding for specified activities and for the benefit of the individual, family and the community in order to achieve the goals and objectives of Bible4health Missions. The grant offer is granted after following an application process. The recipient is obliged to use the grant for the purposes specified.

Why Bible4health Missions grants?

Bible4health Missions Grants offer the opportunity to undertake activity, project, program or business which cannot generate enough income to cover its costs.

Bible4health Missions Grants are ideal for supporting research and development, building capacity, projects, Home Business, Business, Christian religious activities, youth projects, programs, community empowerment or new activity which, over time, could become self-financing. Bible4health Missions Grants are also widely used for projects and to cover the core operating costs of voluntary and community organisations such as salaries and overheads. But Bible4health Missions grants also present a number of challenges which you must be aware of, before you make your application:

  • Bible4health Missions Grant funding tends to be small and short-term. 
  • If activity is to continue after funding ends, activity funded through Bible4health Missions grants needs to have a plan for how it will be funded longer-term.
  • All our Grants have specific priorities for types of activity we want to fund – and this doesn’t always correspond with what you want to do.
  • Bible4health Missions Grant funding is only available to registered members of Scriptures and Health Secrets Fellowship either online or offline.
  • Bible4health Missions Grant funding have terms and conditions that require you to manage your organisation in a particular way.
    • For example, you may need to introduce additional financial procedures and systems.

Grant Applications

Applying for Bible4health Missions Grant funding takes time – We have our own funding criteria, priorities and processes which means every application has to be processed differently. And even once you’ve managed to post off your application form it takes time to get a decision – on average from two to six months depending on the availability of funds and scale of grant requested.

What are the advantages of Bible4health Missions grants?

Bible4health Missions Grants offer an opportunity to kick-start a new project, or activity, which otherwise might not be able to happen. Compared with social investment or loan finance, delivering contracts or trading, grant funding is usually more accessible and manageable for smaller organisations.

(B)    Bible4health Missions Financial Loans

Bible4health Missions financial loan s money that is given in partnership with the condition of both a social outcome and financial return.

Here you can find out more about  Bible4health Missions financial loans, from what it is to why it may be an option for your undertaking, project, program, activities, business, home business, or organisation as well as resources to help guide you through this process.

Your undertaking, project, program, activities, business, home business, or organisation might need an injection of finance in order to develop a more sustainable funding stream. It isn’t always practical to raise funds for this – perhaps it will take too long, or perhaps it isn’t an undertaking, project, program, activities, home business, or 

business that will appeal to donors. If you're involved in contracting then you might need to bridge the gap between delivery of a service and payment. In these situations Bible4health Missions financial loan may provide a solution.

Bible4health Missions financial loan is not a replacement for grants, nor is it suitable for everyone, but it is an option that many undertakings, projects, programs, activities, business, home business, and organisations have found invaluable. Before considering Bible4health Missions financial loan, you should be at a stage where robust financial systems are in place that will allow you to manage the loan. Accurate income projections are particularly important. With bible4health Missions financial loan we work in partnership and we include capacity-building support to help you manage our loan.

It's important to understand that Bible4health Missions financial loan is not income – but it is enabling finance that can help you and Bible4health Missions to develop appropriate income streams to drive development at the appropriate time.

What is Bible4health Missions financial Loan?

Bible4health Missions financial loan, like social and community enterprise, has a double bottom-line. It combines financial with social and community objectives and targets.

Bible4health Missions financial loan is a form of socially responsible investment. This is an umbrella term used to describe any form of financial loan or investment that combines investors' financial objectives with their commitment to social concerns such as social justice, community empowerment, youth and community development, economic development, peace, religion or a healthy environment.

Bible4health Missions financial loans typically uses non-conventional investment vehicles and seeks to make financial loans available to individuals, families, organisations, businesses or communities on partnership basis.

Bible4health Missions financial loan for the voluntary and community sector

Banks can be reluctant to lend money to organisations that lack the assets or security needed to secure a loan. Bible4health Missions financial loan initiative doe not aim to fill this gap, we provide only one financial products, Financial loan through partnership.

Bible4health Missions has an opportunity available to funders who are also interested in exploring loans as a way of supporting  undertakings, projects, programs, activities,

businesses, home businesses, or organisations since this can be a way of stretching funds further. Making a loan rather than a grant means that funds become available again later down the line to support additional undertakings, projects, programs, activities, businesses, home businesses, ororganisations.

How can Bible4health Missions financial loan be useful?

Amongst other benefits Bible4health Missions financial loan can:

  • Provide the injection of cash that makes things happen now
  • Encourage thinking beyond the short-term psychology promoted by time-limited grant funding
  • Promote undertaking, project, program, activities, business, home business, or organisation planning.
  • We offer partnership favourable terms and conditions
  • Bridge the gap between delivering services, or products under contract and payment by the commissioner