• Gingivitis is a condition which refers to the inflammation of the gums

• If neglected, it can lead to serious gum diseases


Symptoms to look for:


• Painful and bleeding gums

• Bad breath

• Discolouration of teeth

• Reddish and receding gums




• Neglecting oral care

• The bacteria in the mouth react with the food particles to form plaque

• Plaque causes various gum diseases

• Illicit drugs

• Viral or fungal infections

• Hormonal changes during puberty and pregnancy

• Poor nutrition

• Certain medication


Natural home remedy using margosa leaves:


1. Margosa leaves have antiseptic properties.

2. Crush some margosa leaves to make a paste

3. Massage the gums & teeth with this paste for 5 min every night

4. Leave for 15 min

5. Rinse mouth with water


Natural home remedy using cloves:


1. Take 1 glass of hot water

2. Crush 1 tsp of cloves to powder

3. Take 1 tsp of clove powder

4. Add this to 200 ml of water and boil this mixture for 15-20 min

5. Allow this mixture to cool till it becomes lukewarm

6. Strain the mixture

7. Gargle with it every night




• Avoid excessive consumption of sugar products as it increases the risk of developing plaque

• Brush before sleeping every night