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This is a group social networking site build on Christian ethics, that changes and saves lives. Pays commissions to refer others to sign-up, to shop in our online store and awards cash redeemable points for Each Hit, for Each Comment, for Each Post, for Creating Postcard, for Creating AV Presentation, for Creating Blog Post, for Adding Calendar Entry, for Starting New Thread on Forum, for Creating Document, for Creating FAQ, for Creating Member Web page, for Creating Album in Gallery, for Creating Review, for Creating Task, for Creating Video/MP3 and connects you both online & offline with friends, relatives, businesses & many others around the world. With helping hands.

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Affiliate Program

When you sign up on this site you automatically become an affiliate and get paid quarterly (March,June, September and December) for referring others to sign up and when they upgrade or when they make purchase in our online store on this website

How the Affiliate Program Works

This is a program on this site that allows our participants to refer other people to this website using the unique URL assigned to each participant at the time he/she signed up and get paid when the person he/she has referred, upgrades his/her participation either to Business Level No 2 or to The Brave Level No 3. Our affiliate commissions are shown below.

Please read the affiliate program terms and conditions below, before you sign up on Facegiven. We pay quarterly to all our affiliates and participants.

Who is a Participant

A participant on Facegiven, the person who has signed up as a member of Facegiven

PARTICIPANTS! GET PAID TO READ, COMMENT, UPLOAD, WATCH, POST and many more see the redeemable points table below on this site!

Why waste your time on other social networking sites when you can be spending your time contributing to a site that literally pays you back, changes and saves lives? Providing Helping hands to the Helpless.

To participate, just register as a participant and make sure you are logged in when you visit this site. Become an active participant by upgrading your participation and by reading other's posts and content, comment on other's content, and to earn the maximum number of points, post your own content. It's that easy. Once every after three months we will send you payment via PayPal. 100 points gained is equal to USA $1.00.

Commissions for Participants

This is a TWO tier affiliate program, for referring others to sign up on Facegiven. The first column (Commission1) is the first tier -- the amount given to the affiliate who is directly responsible for making the sale. The second column (Commission2) is the second tier -- the amount given to the affiliate who signed up the affiliate who made the sale.

Sign-Ups and Upgrades



Amount given to affiliates for a new member sign up who choose the free Member membership option and no monthly payment plan



Amount given to affiliates for a participant upgrading to Facegiven Team on the monthly payment plan.



Amount given to affiliates for a participant upgrading to Business Class on the monthly payment plan.



Redeemable Points system

100 Points = USA $1.00

Points which will be gained for being active

Point Value for Each Hit:


Point Value for Each Comment*:


Point Value for Each Post*:


Point Value for Creating Postcard:


Point Value for Creating AV Presentation:


Point Value for Creating Blog Post:


Point Value for Adding Calendar Entry:


Point Value for Starting New Thread on Forum:


Point Value for Creating Doc:


Point Value for Creating FAQ:


Point Value for Creating Member Web page:


Point Value for Creating Album in Gallery:


Point Value for Creating Review:


Point Value for Creating Task:


Point Value for Creating Video/MP3:


Participant's pages & Applications access levels

There are four access levels on this website, each level has its own pages, functions and applications.

Level 0 - Visitors - Pages are for the public to view only, without being a participant of this website
Level 1- Free Participation - is for signed up participants only, with limited access and functions
Level 2 - Business Class- is a premium level, you need to upgrade from Level 1. Start earning money for being active on this website, shop in our store on discounts, receive coupons, upload videos, upload music
Level 3 - Facegiven Team is a premium level with full access to all pages and functions


Payments will be sent via PayPal to your PayPal e-mail address in your profile quarterly unless a special arrangements has been made with Facegiven to send a cheque or transfer money straight to your bank account.

Facegiven Gifts

Send Gifts to your Loved ones, Friends, Relatives and others around the world.

Buy the gifts from Facegiven Stores, and Bible4health Missions, which manages the gifts on behalf of Facegiven will ship them for you, to your Loved one or friend or relative or to any other around the world


  1. You must be a participant in good standing in order to receive activity payments.

  2. Any attempt to gain activity credit by manipulating the system, creating fake and/or poor quality posts, disingenuously responding to posts or comments, or any other activity deemed by the administrator of this site to be a pure attempt to earn points, can result in the removal of points, banning from this program, or cancellation from this group.

  3. You must be able to receive payments via PayPal to get paid for activity (

  4. Participant who have earned more than $1 in activity points are paid once every three months.

  5. Removal of posts and/or the removal of other content that points were awarded for will result in that same amount of points to be removed from your total score.

  6. To see your points at any given time, visit your profile.

  7. After we have sent to you a payments notice to claim your money, you have 90 days to claim your payment via PayPal. All unclaimed payments will not be reissued after 90 days.

Very Important Notice

Please note that, money raised from participants upgrades fees goes to support Community projects, Humanitarian projects, Evangelistic programs, Health Projects, Establishing of Health centres in Africa Project, Shoes and Boots for Africa project, Children living with HIV/AIDS and orphans in the third world organised by Bible4health Missions and other charitable organisations.

Your support by upgrading your participation on Facegiven will be greatly appreciated.