File Share

Share any file format on this site.  Upload, download and manage files. Find files quickly with folders, sorting and search options. Manage and view your files and from others on-the-go. Create a file library where you and your friends can easily share files with one another. As member of this site you can search for specific files. This a great place for collaborating with clients, teams, friends, students and community members.


The site admin also give security and custom access permissions to site members, and decide who can view, upload, download and manage files.

This is a secure page

How to upload, view or download a file

  • To upload a file, click of the folder you could like to add your file to and then click on "+ File" button to start uploading your file.

  • To view or download a file, click on the folder category to access the files or the sub-categories

  • All files must be uploaded to Folders, any file not uploaded in the folder will be deleted