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Female Sterility (Infertility):
• Female sterility or infertility refers to a condition in which a woman is unable to conceive
• Ability to conceive reduces with age. Women find it difficult to get pregnant after 35 years of age
Symptoms to look for:
• Irregular menstrual cycle

• Ageing
• Being overweight or underweight
• Excessive smoking
• Alcohol consumption
• Illicit drugs
• Endometriosis
• Any blockage in the fallopian tubes
Natural home remedy using banyan tree bark and milk:
1. Take a small piece of banyan tree bark, available in ayurvedic stores
2. Wash thoroughly 
3. Remove the outer-covering
4. Leave the bark in the sun for 1 hr
5. Crush it to a powder
6. Take 2 tbsp of this powder
7. Add to 1 glass of lukewarm milk
8. Mix well
9. Drink on an empty stomach
10. Do this for 6 months
Do not try this remedy during periods.
Natural home remedy using shatavari powder and milk:
1. Take 1 tbsp of shatavari powder, an ayurvedic herb
2. Add to 1 glass of milk
3. Mix well
4. Drink every day at bedtime
Natural home remedy using ashwagandha powder:
1. Take 1 glass of warm water
2. Add 1 tbsp of ashwagandha powder, an ayurvedic herb
3. Mix well
4. Drink 2 times a day
5. Add honey for taste
• Consult your doctor before eating seafood. Fish contain mercury which can lead to birth defects
• Avoid consuming caffeine. It is present in tea and coffee
• Avoid consuming fast food, drinking alcohol and smoking