Excessive Thirst:


• Thirst is a natural phenomenon which is triggered due to:

   o Exercise

   o Hot weather

   o Loss of body fluids

   o Eating salty or oily food

• However, excessive thirst could be a troublesome condition




• Fear

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Fever

• Malaria

• Excessive thirst could also be a symptom of:

   o Diabetes -- as it leads to excessive urination

   o Lack of insulin -- it leads to increased sugar levels which results in increased water absorption in the



Natural home remedy using Indian gooseberry and honey:


1. Take 3 tsp of Indian gooseberry powder

2. Add 2 tsp honey

3. Mix well

4. Have this mixture thrice a day


Natural home remedy using fennel seed powder:


1. Crush fennel seeds to get 5 tsp fennel seed powder

2. Add the powder to 250 ml of water

3. Allow it to soak for 1 hr

4. Strain the liquid

5. Drink small sips at a time


This remedy is highly effective for treating fever or malaria induced thirst


Natural home remedy using black pepper powder:


1. Take 1 tsp of black pepper powder

2. Add to 4 cups of boiling water

3. Mix well

4. Allow the mixture to cool

5. Take a few sips every time you feel thirsty


ome made Face Scrub:


• Skin exfoliation removes dead skin cells and improves the blood circulation 

• Exfoliating also:

   o Keeps the skin fresh

   o Prevents wrinkles


Natural home made face scrub using oatmeal, almonds, honey and milk:


1. Take ½ bowl of powdered oatmeal

2. Add 6-7 crushed almonds

3. Add 2 tbsp honey

4. Add some milk to make a paste

5. Mix well

6. Apply this on the face

7. Massage gently for 2 min

8. Wash off with warm water


Natural home made face scrub using sugar and olive oil:


• This is a highly effective body scrub.


1. Take 6 tbsp sugar

2. Add 5 tsp olive oil

3. Mix well to make a thick paste

4. Apply this on dry areas like elbows, knees and foot

5. Do this once a month




• Clean the skin properly before exfoliating

• Remove contact lenses before applying the scrub

• Do not exfoliate excessively as it can lead to skin damage

• Exfoliate 1-2 times a week