Ear Infection:


• One of the most common ear infection is the inflammation of the middle ear

• The middle ear portion is located just behind the ear drum


Symptoms to look for:


• Earache

• Swelling

• Loss of hearing

• Discharge from ear

• Vertigo

• Vomiting

• Nausea

• Ringing sound in ear




• Eustachian tube inside the ear drains out the body fluids that are produce in the middle ear. Any  

   blockage in this tube causes the fluids to collect,leading to an infection. 

  The blockage may occur due to:

   o Allergies

   o Cold

   o Sinus

   o Smoke


Natural home remedy using garlic and salt:


1. Add 4 garlic cloves in 1 glass water

2. Heat water for 10 min to soften the cloves

3. Crush the cloves to make 1 tsp garlic paste

4. Add a pinch of salt

5. Mix well

6. Wrap the paste in a thin piece of cloth 

7. Place the cloth on the infected ear


Natural home remedy using basil leaves:


1. Crush a handful of basil leaves

2. Press them on a sieve and extract juice

3. Pour 2 drops of juice in the infected ear

4. Continue for a week




• The Eustachian tube might get blocked during air travel or when one is at a high altitude. To unblock  

   the tube: 

   o Chew a gum

   o Yawn

• Get your ears regularly cleaned by a doctor

• Do not clean ears with any sharp objects

• Wear ear plugs while swimming