• Dysentery is an inflammation of the intestine

• The patient passes blood or mucus or both in the stool


Symptoms to look for:


• Blood or mucus in stool

• Constant urge to defecate

• Vomiting

• Fever

• Acute abdominal pain

• Weakness

• Restlessness

• Loss of appetite




• Lack of hygiene and sanitation

• Entry of parasites through contaminated food and water


Natural home remedy using coriander leaves:


1. Take a handful of coriander leaves

2. Crush them to make a paste

3. Add 1 glass of water

4. Heat the mixture for 2-3 min

5. Strain the mixture

6. Drink when lukewarm


Natural home remedy using fenugreek seeds and curd: 


1. Crush 2 tsp of fenugreek seeds

2. Add them to 1 bowl of curd

3. Mix well

4. Eat 2-3 times everyday


Natural home remedy using curry leaves and honey:


1. Take 8-10 curry leaves

2. Crush them to a paste

3. Press on a sieve and extract juice

4. Add 1 tsp of honey

5. Have this 2 times everyday




• Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday to prevent dehydration

• Carry clean and filtered water while travelling

• Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating