Diagnose yourself the Natural way

 This presentation is usually presented by the Naturotherapist from Bible4health Missions.

Self Diagnosiss

Diagnose your illness yourself before the illness develops fully the natural way offers a range of topics in support of individuals, churches and groups, networks, businesses and organizations who are concerned with prevention of illness, or Health living.

Our presentations have been created with the intention of assisting people to develop a natural knowledge to
Know signs the living body gives before and after illness start in the body
, as well as the skills and aptitudes needed to help them engage effectively, adaptively and creatively in Natural health care program and health living.

In this presentation it include: 

  • Individual and group consultancy
  • Training and developmening self diagnosis skills
  • Healthful living
  • Prayer and health transformation
  • Bible and Health living education


Presentations are provided by arrangement through Bible4Health Missions staff, associates, partner organizations and other specialist referrals.

We are developing appreciation packages – but above all, we seek to operate flexibly and we charge free, voluntary and affordable rates, tailoring and developing what is offered in relation to your specific needs.
We begin by discussing with you what your requirements are, and then agreeing with you how we will work together and on what basis (contracting).

We work according to our values, which involve mutuality, enablement, sharing expertise, participation, faithfulness, truthfulness, inclusion, peacemaking, equal regard, social justice, encouragement and hospitality.

In terms of charges, we adjust these according to ability to pay – Our presentation charge rates only include presentation handouts, but does not include transport, books, powerpoint presentation, videos and others. As a general guide, our presentation rates are as follows:

  1. £10.00 per person per day for churches and charitable organisations, when the venue is free, any other organisations or firms or when the churches or charitable organisations charge us for the venue £25.00 per day per person per day
  2. £5.00 per person per day presentation if you book for two topics, the first topic should be chosen from 1-21 and then second should be No 22 and a minimum of 3 participants and maximum of 8 participants. In this presentation, We are going to show you how you can benefit from this fantastic Health and Nutrition Cooking System to lead a life that is low fat, low cholesterol, heart healthy and hopefully give you more years in life, using the latest and finest Titanium cookware. We shall bring the food to prepare for all the attendants, all you need to bring is an empty stomach and pen to make an order

You can book any one of the topics from 1-21, but No 22 must be booked with any topic from 1-22, below to be presented to your staff, church members or your house hold. The topics should be booked per day, that is 6hours a day and only one topic per day from topics 1-21 and two topics if topic No 22 is booked. To book a presention please use the Presentation booking form on this page

Topics covered in the presentation are as follows:


  1. The Pulse
  2. Taking the Pulse
  3. The speed of the pulse
  4. Detecting allergies with the pulse
  5. Depth, Location and othe qualities of the pulse
  6. Specific organ diagnosis using the puls
  7. Blood Pressure
  8. Body weight
  9. The holistic approach to weight loss
  10. Hair
  11. Eyes
  12. Tongue
  13. Lips, mouth and nose
  14. Gums and Teeth
  15. Halitons
  16. Digestion
  17. Fluid Retention
  18. Lungs and Breathing
  19. Urine
  20. Stools
  21. Skin
  22. Health and Nutrition Cooking System presentation

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