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 • Dandruff is a condition in which dead skin cells accumulate and fall off from the scalp

Symptoms to look for:

• When you comb or scratch, shiny silver flakes fall from the scalp

• Itching which can lead to reddening of the scalp


• Stress

• Extreme cold or hot weather

• Fatigue

• Incorrect diet

• Energy loss due to an illness or infection

• Artificial styling products

• Harsh shampoos 

Natural home remedy using coconut oil and camphor:

1. Heat 4 tbsp of coconut oil

2. Add 1 piece of camphor while it's heating

3. Mix well 

4. Massage on scalp when lukewarm before bedtime

5. Leave it overnight

Natural home remedy using fenugreek seeds: 

1.Take 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds

2. Soak them in water overnight

3. Sieve the mixture

4. Collect the seeds

5. Crush seeds to a fine paste

6. Massage this paste on the scalp

7. Wash it off with soap-nut water

Natural home remedy using egg whites, lemon juice and margosa leaves:

1, Crush 2 egg whites

2. Mix 4 tbsp of lemon juice

3. Mix well

4. Apply on scalp

5. Leave it for ½ hour

6. Crush a handful of margosa leaves

7. Soak this paste in ½ L water

8. Mix well

9. Wash hair with this water followed by plain water