• Chilblains are painful, reddish swellings on the skin

• They occur due to exposure to excessive cold 


Symptoms to look for:


• They usually occur on areas prone to becoming cold like:

   o Toes

   o Fingers

   o Nose

   o Ear lobes

• Sometimes it may affect:

   o Heels

   o Lower legs

   o Thighs




• Blood vessels beneath the skin narrow when skin becomes cold

• Vessels expand when skin warms

• This leads to leakage from blood vessels causing chilblains


Natural home remedy using onion:


1. Take 1 bowl of crushed onion

2. Press it on a sieve and extract its juice

3. Apply juice on the affected area


Natural home remedy using potato and salt:


1. Take a potato slice

2. Sprinkle it with salt

3. Rub the salted side on the affected area


Natural home remedy using lemon:


1. Take juice of ½ lemon

2. Rub on affected toes and fingers




• Massage your toes and fingers to improve blood circulation

• Wear warm clothes in cold weather

• Keep your head and ears warm

• Do not heat the skin immediately if you've been out in the cold