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You need to be a member of the Champions Team of Bible4health Missions and then subscribe to be able to attend free training, participate in our organised holidays, trips, tours, outdor & indoor activities, humatarian projects & programs, Health projects & programs, Evangelistic projects & programs, seminars, workshops, earn extraincome home business, share gifts, buy products from our online shop at a discounted prices, get free products,  view pages on this site and more


This level is an upgrade of the Brave and is only acquired by applying for an upgrade to bible4health Missions to be upgraded to be a champion after meeting the  mentioned requirements below.

A champion is someone who has attended 75% of Bible4health Missions Seminars, Workshops, Trips, Tours, holidays, and is ready to assist in organising Bible4health Projects and programs in her or his area. 

A champion is someone who is ready to participate in Bible4Health Missions Humanitarian programs and projects and ready to be called upon when need arise and be ready to go anywhere in the world where the project or program is.

A champion is a person who cares and respects human life and the all living things on earth including the property of others.

A champion is a person who supports Bible4health Missions both financial and materially and backs and helps all other Champions and He is a friend and part of the team work of the champions

A champion is a person who pleads for a good cause or propounds an idea

A champion is a believer, trustee and a supporter of truth who accepts truth as true

A champion is a devoted admirer and recorder of other people’s words and deeds not for his/her own glory but for appreciation the person

A champion is cheerleader- an enthusiastic and vocal supporter; "he has become a cheerleader for therapeutic cloning"

A champion is corporatist- a supporter of Bible4health Mission’s programs, projects, activities, fellow champions and the Brave

A champion is enthusiast, partizan, partisan - an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of Bible4health Mission’s programs, projects, fellow champions and the Brave or activity

A champion is loyalist, stalwart - a person who is loyal citizen of his/her country but pays total allegiance to the almighty God the creator of heaven and earth

A champion is New Dealer- a supporter of Bible4health Missions financially and materially

A champion is mainstay, pillar - a prominent supporter; "he/she involved in the community public programs and projects in which he/she lives in"

A champion is seconder- someone who endorses a motion or petition as a necessary preliminary to a discussion or vote

A champion is endorser, indorser, ratifier, subscriber - someone who expresses strong approval of the mission and the goals of Bible4health Missions

A champion is well-wisher, sympathiser, sympathizer - someone who shares his/her feelings or opinions and hopes that, those he/she comes in catch will be successful

A champion is toaster, wassailer - someone who proposes a toast; someone who drinks to the health of success of someone or some good venture which is supports the mission and goals of Bible4health Missions

A champion is maintainer, sustainer, upholder– someone who upholds or maintains, “firm upholders of Christian ethics: they are sustainers of Christian beliefs

A champion is verifier, voucher - someone who vouches for another or for the correctness of all biblical and spirit of prophecy statements

A champion is 4.champion- someone who is dazzlingly skilled and talented in at least one field

A champion is hotshot, maven, mavin, superstar, virtuoso,

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