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Do you have a Job?  --  Is your pay from your regular employment enough? --  Do you meet your monthly bills? --  Students, do you have enough monthly pocket money? --  Do you live in your dream house? --  Do you drive your dream car? -- 

 If your answer is  NO to any of the questions above, then give us a call or visit our Business center near you, where training is free and you can start earning money within a week. Remember it is worth trying than waiting for a problem to come.

We work with Pacegiven Ltd, Click: Investments/Entrepreneur

Going into business for yourself for the first time will change your lifestyle, both professionally and personally, and can involve a significant financial commitment.

There are many reasons why you may be thinking about starting your own business. You may have a great business idea or the opportunity to take on a franchise or to purchase an existing business. For most people it’s a combination of many factors including a desire to make money, greater autonomy and freedom, an opportunity to work at something they enjoy doing or the prospect of building an enterprise they can eventually pass on to their children.   

We work with Pacegiven Ltd, Click: Investments/Entrepreneur

Whatever the reason it’s an exciting venture that could provide an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle or achieve personal goals. Whether your business succeeds or fails depends on many things including your abilities, initiative and capacity to work, as well as the economic and business environment in which you’ll operate. 

To give yourself every chance of success, be sure to make some time to pre-plan before diving into your business head first. Take a step back and consider the feasibility of your idea and your personal suitability for going into business. If you really what to go into business but you do not have the resources, finance, or the plan, we encourage you to visit our Business Center near you or on website or give us a call we might help you become a successful business man.

We believe that the most effective way for Bible4health Missions to support you, young people, families, individuals, those in need and the helpless facing social
and economic disadvantage is to form long-term business and social partnerships with them. KeyHands Club International Business Centers are Bible4health Missions-endorsed
membership partnership group of Bible4health Missions, which provides a systematic and proven framework for developing business and social partnerships that are rooted 
in the needs of our members, the young people, families, individuals, those in need and the helpless and underpinned by strategic support and collaborative action.  
We work with Pacegiven Ltd, Click: Investments/Entrepreneur

Watch this video - This is what happens when you want to run a business alone, without us. Get involved with us and we will give you the pace and direction