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Compensation Plans


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To Join any of the Home business on this website, please click on the appropriate form below, according to your country of residence.

Print two forms, First Form: Fill in all your details including your bank details. All commissions and bonuses will be paid straight to your bank account. you will send this form to the address on the form as soon as you complete it. Please do not give this form to anyone with your bank details on; please call your sponsor:Paul (44) 7865579660 or email: mambwe56@yahoo.co.uk for more details

. Second form: Fill in all your details except (NO)Bank details, you should then send this form to;

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  • 86 Kingsway, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 0AG, United Kingdom
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Synergy WorldWide Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan Pdf (Printable)

When you imagine the future, what do you see? The same old daily grind, or financial independence, personal freedom, and the ability to choose how to spend your time each day?

If wealth and freedom are your goals, Synergy’s Mega-Match compensation plan will help you achieve them. This unique plan pays out an amazing 55 percent of commissionable sales after paying Fast Start and Elite Rebate each month. No other industry plan can match this.

Even better, this compensation plan enables you to make money in seven ways, giving you the opportunity to meet your personal financial goals and achieve monetary success. We invite you to review our plan and reflect on how it can positively impact your life.

Weekly Payout

  1. Retailing Product
    Purchase products to resell, either in packs or individually, and earn a suggested 30 percent markup.
  2. Fast Start Bonus
    Earn a Fast-Start Bonus on all upgrade and 3 TC Activation orders of personally sponsored Team Members.
    View example
  3. Elite Rebate
    Receive a 25 percent rebate on all personal and customer product sales placed above the monthly Elite qualification sales requirement.
    View example

Monthly Payout
  1. Basic Commission
    Receive up to 10% commission of your weak leg volume* through all levels of your organization.
    View example
  2. Mega-Match
    Match up to 100% of all basic commissions earned by your personally sponsored downline.
    View example
  3. Leadership Bonus
    Earn a percentage of your strong leg volume based on weak leg volume.
    View example
  4. Global Share Bonus
    When you reach 400,000 CV in weak leg volume, you can participate in a share of total company CV.


Synergy Worldwide working with The Brave Team of Bible4health Missions is currently recruiting distributors and selling the products in the countries and regions shown below.
Home Business Instructions
To Join Synergy Worldwide Home business opportunity and start your own Home Business and "Leave A Legacy" by Helping your family, relatives, loved ones and others live a healthier lives and probably live longer, just click on your country name on the list below, then you will be redirected to Synergy Worldwide countries and language page, where you will need to click on the your country.
On the next page click on Sign-Up to start your home business. There are five (5) Steps to complete your sign-up. On the sign-up form you will be required to fill in this 1338496 where it says "Referral ID"
Please note that if your countries is not listed below, please contact:
The Brave Team, Bible4health Missions, 86 Kingsway, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 0AG United Kingdom: Email: bible4health@yahoo.co.uk or mambwe56@yahoo.co.uk or Call (44) 7865579660

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