Business Class

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Business Class Benefits (coming soon being revised)

Who are Business Class

We believe that the most effective way for Facegiven to support our participants and young people facing social disadvantage is to form long-term business and social partnerships with them.

Business Class is a Bible4health Missions-endorsed participation partnership group of Facegiven, which provides a systematic and proven framework for developing business and social partnerships that are rooted in the needs of our participants and the young people and underpinned by strategic support and collaborative action.

Facegiven intends to establish Business Class partnerships both established regular business and home business around the world with anyone who register as a free participant and then upgrades to Business Class on facegiven or through our offline registration, by contacting the Business Class department of Facegiven for registration forms. We aim to build a minimum of 200 partnerships each year which will positively impact on the lives of our participants.

“In the Business Class on facegiven offers an excellent example of how our participants can take advantage of the expertise and experience that the business world has to offer”

How it Works

The core philosophy of Business Class is that the participants is our 'client': it is the participant that determines what he/she needs to offer to the community and the Business world. To start the process of partnership he/she needs to write a Business project proposal which he/she submits to Facegiven for review and for approval. When the Business project proposal is approved, Facegiven will start with training before financing the business under strict terms and conditions for a period of five years to make sure that the Business is established and is running well. The profits will be shared according to an agreed percentage for Ten years with Facegiven starting from a year after the business started.

What makes Facegiven Business Class unique is the cluster mechanism: Participants and other Businesses in a particular locality are grouped together enabling them to meet on a termly basis to share best practice, identify common challenges and accelerate improvement.

Partner with Facegiven

There are many opportunities for Business Class partnership to get their staff from our Facegiven Teams volunteering service and from our helping hands Department in skill based and team volunteering across a wide range of activities through the Business Class partnerships including:

  • providing guidance on business planning
  • providing rebranding advice
  • wide ranging mentoring support for Business Class participants and young people
  • Business Class, Business challenge day
  • Business CV writing, interview and presentation skills workshops to help prepare our participants for the world of marketing products and business
  • Report writing, Accounting, Management skills, industrial relations, Reading, language, maths or science support for our participants to reach their accounting and business management excellence
  • Guidance on how to increase public engagement in business
  • Guidance on how to improve personnel and product management
  • Workshops on health and wellbeing for our participants and workers
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