Bad Breath Remedies

Bad breath is when there is an unpleasant odor that usually comes from the mouth. When people exhale, the odor comes out. Not only is it a health issue, but it is also a social issue as well. People get turned off by those that have bad breath when they open their mouth.

Table of Contents:

What Is Bad Breath?

How To Check For Bad

Causes Of Bad Breath

Getting Rid Of Bad Breath

Oral Hygiene


Vitamins and Supplements

Digestive System

Herbal Remedies

Chinese Herbs.

Breath Spray

Over The Counter Medications (OTC)

Using Flaxseed For Bad Breath

Quick Remedies For Bad Breath

When You Should Seek Medical Assistance

How Smokers Can Get Rid Of Bad Breath

How To Prevent Or Stop Bad Breath



Using Tongue Brushing To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

How To Help Others That Have Bad Breath

Children That Have Bad Breath

The Date With Bad Breath

How To Tell A Friend Or Family Member

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