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Anti Itch/Coagulant/Diaper Rash/Insect Bite/Cure-All

Pick Plantago leaves (there are over 200 species, don't confuse with the banana) when they are vibrant and green.
Chop them coarsely and pack loosely into a clean, very dry jar.
Add olive oil, dislodge air bubbles with a knife or chopstick until the jar is filled to the very top. 
Label and cap securely. Let sit out of direct sunlight, on a surface that won't be marred by oozing oil.
Decant after six weeks, pouring off the oil and squeezing out what remains in the plant material. Discard the herb. 
Grate one tablespoon of beeswax for every ounce of oil. Stirring constantly, heat the oil and beeswax until the wax melts, usually within a minute.
Pour the liquid into small, wide-mouthed jars (a good excuse for buying marinated artichoke hearts) and cool.
Use this ointment lavishly for diaper rash, insect bites, all itches, and minor wounds. It heals, stops itching, checks bleeding, and eases pain.