Bible4health Missions to render physical and spiritual assistance to all those in need and the helpless. teach and proclaim true Spiritual health, Godly Environmental Health, Biblical Natural Human health, blessings of prosperity health in christian life and complete true word of God as it is written in the original true Bible, the good news of Jesus Christ’s coming Kingdom (Matthew 24:14Mark 16:15), and blows a bold “warning trumpet” of God’s impending judgment, calling for repentance and spiritual change (Matthew 24:21Isaiah 58:1; Ezekiel 33) to the world. We teach and practice original Christianity as taught and practiced by Jesus Christ and the original Apostles.  Bible4health Missions makes plain the Bible’s answers to the most important questions on health, Environment, prosperity, salvation through Jesus Christ, faith in God and Christian spiritual life. Does God exist and how can we worship Him? Why were you born? What happens after death? What does the future hold? Bible4health Missions provides real insight into the underlying causes behind today’s news headlines, but explains what will happen in the future, based on Bible prophecy.

Bible4health Missions was founded and formed by a Christian family who belong to Seventh-day Adventist Church and lead by a board of directors comprising of 75% members of  Seventh-day Adventists church.

Bible4health Missions is a Christian faith based, non-denominational, self supporting, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee without shares formed in the United Kingdom in January 2008 and incorporated in 2013. We finance all projects, programs, and administrative expenses with funds raised from our online stores, from Pacegiven - our social and business networking site, donations from board members, well wishers and from the public.

Bible4health Missions is registered in two countries, United Kingdom where the head office is and in Zambia where the head office for African region is.

Elder. Paul mambwe and Dr. Bezaleel Mambwe, along with Joseph Mambwe and Hannah Mambwe are founders of Bible4health Missions.  The booklets, bible tracks, videos and Bible study video series organised by Bible4health Missions are made available without charge. This is made possible by the offerings and donations of Bible4health Missions - KeyHands Club International Members, and others who have chosen to become co-workers in proclaiming God's true saving messages, the Ten commandments, Christ’s true gospel, Natural human health, Environmental health, Spiritual health, prosperity health and the soon coming of our lord Jesus Christ to all nations.

Our Mission 

Our Mission  is to render physical and spiritual assistance to all those in need and the helpless, carry out humanitarian, health, environmental, recycling, empowerment and outreach community projects and programs in environmental health, natural human health, prosperity health and spiritual health. Support and sponsor change in peoples lives, so that the individual’s soul, the mind, the body, personality, character and the environment might be changed, might be health, and prosper for the benefit of the community and the nation in readiness for Jesus Christ’s return.


Establishing of Bible4health Missions centres and Keyhands Club International network around the world to offer helping hand to those in need and the helpless, care, community services, Natural pharmacies, natural health lifestyle, natural therapy treatments of disease, Natural Human health, Environmental Health, Spiritual health and Prosperity health, sharing funeral expenses, Indoor and out door activities, Services, and Teaching of the word of God.


Honest; Truthfulness; Selflessness, Hardworking, Obedience; Faithfulness; Simplicity, responsibility, Dependability; Trustworthy;  Forgiving; Transparency; Accountability; Creativity, Wisdom, Loyalty, Privacy, Integrity; Solidarity; Courage; Justice; Knowledge, Excellence, Democracy


We are a faith based self supporting not-for-profit company limited by guarantee without shares committed to respecting the following principles:

Ethics and Guidelines

The bible4health Missions will follow the ethics and guidelines set in the biblical ten commandments and biblical health laws in all it’s operations, organization and duties. However, Bible4health Missions will abide by the laws of the country in which it will be operating in.


Bible4health Missions shall operate independent of Governments, religious denominations, and personalities, but shall enter into partnership or into arrangements for sharing union of interests, cooperation, joint-venture, reciprocal concession or otherwise with any person, persons, Company, or Organization, International Organization and Government carrying on or engaged in, or about to carry on or engage in any program or transaction which Bible4health Missions, staff members, Key Hands Network Members, Belita Lubemba Share Program participants and Key Hands Network Members have any express interest in, or any program or transaction capable of being conducted by any level or position of any staff member and Key Hands Network member of the Bible4health Missions

Not a Political Party.

Bible4health Missions is not and shall never be a political party, or participate or entertain politics of any country, direct or indirect in the day to day implementation of it's objectives and mission

Not- for- Profit Company without shares

Bible4health Missions shall operate as religious and health not-for profit company limited by guarantee without shares under Not-for Profit Organization and deeds Laws of the respective countries in the world.

Juristic Person

Bible4health Missions shall be a juristic person without shares, acting for and on behalf of its individual and Key Hands Network Members, Founding Executives; hereafter called "Founders" co-operating in securing the objects referred to herein below, and accordingly therefore the following provisions shall apply;

(a) There shall be no share issue and all members shall wholly own in equal terms the assets and liabilities of Bible4health Missions.

(b) Seventy Five (75) percept of the General Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors shall have the power to dissolve the Bible4health Missions and determine the overall General Policy of the operations of the Bible4health Missions and deed hereinafter makes reference to the effect of these powers.

Status and Privileges

  1. Bible4health Missions shall enjoy international legal personality.
  2. Bible4health Missions shall have, in each Country of the world, where permissible , Regional office.
  3. We undertake to be open, honest and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with and with each other.
  4. We will be democratic, politically non partisan and non sectarian in our work.
  5. We will condemn bribery and corruption vigorously and courageously wherever it has been reliably identified.
  6. The positions we take will be based on sound, objective and professional analysis and high standards of research.
  7. We will only accept funding that does not compromise our ability to address issues freely, thoroughly and objectively.
  8. We will provide accurate and timely reports of our activities to our donors, sponsors, stakeholders and the community
  9. We will respect and encourage respect for fundamental human rights, believes, religion and freedoms.
  10. We are committed to building, working with and working through regional offices worldwide.
  11. We will strive for balanced and diverse representation on our governing bodies.
  12. As one global movement with a mission of changing and saving lives, we stand in solidarity with each other and we will not act in ways that may adversely affect persons we serve or the communities.

All of our Technical and engineering, Humanitarian, Evangelistic, Health, Community Projects and programs are targeted for all countries in the world, but predominantly the third world countries.

The company has seven Departments

  1. 1.   Stores and warehousing
  2. 2.   Projects and Programs
  3. 3.   Religious Department
  4. 4.   Health and healthful living Department
  5. 5.   Technical and Engineering Department
  6. 6.   Membership Groups and Teams Department
  7. 7.   Social Networking Department

As a not-for-profit company we are offering free and chargeable services and products. In order to raise funds to meet our operating costs and projects we have chargeable services and products in these various departments are at price you can afford, as per attached or as shown on our online store at our website.

Above all things, we offer free of charge the following; Honest, Truthfulness, faithfulness and dependability.


 1. Stores and warehousing Department

  • Various Books, Videos, DVDs and equipment
  • Health and Medical supplies
  • Christian materials, Books, DVDs, Videos and many more
  • Educational Books, Videos, DVDs and equipment
  • Health & Medical Books, Videos, DVDs and Equipment
  • Bibles & prophecy books
  • Audio Tapes & CDs
  • Health foods
  • Health Beauty products
  • Herbal & homeopathic remedies
  • Herbal teas

2.  Projects and programs Department

  • Humanitarian Projects
  • Evangelistic Projects
  • Health Projects
  • Community Projects
  • AID & assistance to the needy, Elderly and disasters
  • Conferences & Seminars & workshops
  • Music groups & Concerts
  • Competitions, Tours & Trips
  • Belita Lubemba share program
  • Support projects and programs

                    3. Religious Department

                    • Christian evangelism and education
                    • Free Home Bible & Health studies
                    • Preachers & Evangelists
                    • Counsellors on Spiritual, Marriage, Health and Child character Development
                    • E-Counselling & Consultancy
                    • Bible and Health living education
                    • Facilitation skills training

                                4.  Health and healthful living Department

                                • Health Centres (Practising Natural Medicine and therapies)
                                • Health projects and programs
                                • Health and Medical supplies
                                • Herbal remedies 
                                • Herbal Teas with their medical conditions
                                • Homeopathic remedies
                                • Health and Beauty products
                                • Healthful Food stuffs
                                • Health education
                                • Free health correspondence studies

                                                  5.  Technical and Engineering Department

                                                  • Medical Equipment and engineering for the third world
                                                  • Hiring out of Video recording equipment, cameras, PA system and etc
                                                  • Computer hardware and software
                                                  • Bible Software
                                                  • Secretarial services, Business cards, Letterheads, PowerPoint slide preparations and many more
                                                  • Camcorder video editing and converting
                                                  • Videos projectors and TV screens for churches and hospitals in the third world
                                                  • Field services
                                                  • Video recording of weddings, parties, meetings, comp meetings, crusades, church services, community projects and many more

                                                                  6. Membership Groups and Teams

                                                                  • Key Hands Club International
                                                                  • Worldwide prayer warriors
                                                                  • MedFex Fund

                                                                  7. Clubs & Social Networking Department

                                                                  • Key Hands Club International

                                                                  Please note: Under the stores and warehousing department we may assist to procure and supply the listed spare parts  only on request

                                                                  Spare Parts on;

                                                                  • Medical equipment
                                                                  • Computers
                                                                  • Video and studio Equipment
                                                                  • PA System
                                                                  • Educational equipment
                                                                  • And electronic or mechanical spare part