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Facegiven Health Center in Worksop

Bible4health Missions health center:  is committed to improving the health of people in the communities it operates in. 

Health is broadly defined by Bible4health Missions as a state of complete Spiritual health, Environmental Health, Complete Natural Human health, Prosperity health and Social well-being  and not simply the absence of disease or infirmity and control emotions. 

To achieve good health, Individual and community health service of Bible4health Missions strongly emphasize prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation, education and good diet based on natural whole foods, in addition to direct care.

Activities that individual and community health service of Bible4health Missions may be involved in include:

  • Delivery of services, such as podiatry, counseling, natural lifestyle, herbal remedies, and physiotherapy, at offices, homes and by outreach services
  • Natural Health promotion and education
  • Case management, advocacy and intervention
  • Creating collaborative relationships with industry, government, hospitals and other health services.
  • Spiritual health promotion
  • Environmental health programs and projects
  • Complete Natural human health education and promotion
  • Education and guidance of how to  stabilize physical, emotional and spiritual health, the individual must be able to meet the daily financial obligations, such as food, family needs and utility bills 

Individual and Community health service of Bible4health Missions is an important part of the health sector in the community. They are vital in helping to create and maintain well-being and good natural health, particularly in those who are least able to pay for private owned health services. 

Bible4health Missions, individual and community health service is about long-term effort that reflects and implements the principles of empowerment, access to public health services for marginalised groups, individual and community partnership, and client focused and integrated multi-disciplinary  natural health services.