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Welcome to Online Super Charity Stores Bank = SCS Bank
We are a Charitable Goods, Properties, Marketplace & Donations Bank


You can Buy, sell, Donate or Bank your goods or properties with SCS Bank & Marketplace.

Join the charitable goods & properties Bank, commerce platform & Marketplace. Reach hundreds of millions of people, make money, donate, investors, donors, organisations, companies, charities, NGOs, Civil societies, Schools, universities, churches & consumers across the world on SCS Bank & Marketplace platform.


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Our Social Impact: Explore our social impact and stories of change from the charities and social enterprises we support. Build your understanding of the social value we're helping to create.

Our Mission:  Our bank mission is to support your mission, humanitarian and community projects, better Environment, Human and Animal Health, Financial Health and Spiritual Health for a successful and better life for all.

AID & Support

  1. Charity goods, property and financial assistance to charitable projects, programs and charitable organization around the globe.
  2. We Support and sponsor, Better Environment, Human and Animal Health, Financial Health and Spiritual Health for a successful and better life for all around the world.

Our Marketplace
On our Marketplace, New Tools; Worldwide New and used products; Properties; Foodstuff, Groceries, Clothing, Shoes, appliances, equipment, machinery, Vehicles, computers, Electrical, Electronics, Games, bikes, Used & refurbished products and many, many more for your affordable shopping.

Bank Membership

We are offering six groups of membership:

  • Regular Member / Customer: Any  age can become a regular member / Customer of SCS Bank. Registration is free
  • Sellers:  SCS Bank is a marketplace platform, any one from the age of 16 years and above may register to sale products online on SCS Bank.
  • Affiliate Members: Anyone above the age of 16 years can become a gold member of SCS Bank. Registration is free
  • Organisations: NGO and Civil societies can register with SCS Bank for free.
  • Volunteers:  Anyone above the age of 16 years can become volunteer with SCS Bank for free.
  • Donors: We welcome financial and goods donors from all ages and from all peoples around the world can become registered members of SCS Bank for free

- Members get up to 25% discount on all orders, in our shop; - Access free stuff, rewards and many discounted offers; - Members are able to apply for goods and financial support; - Access more pages on this website and may refer a friend to receive £5 to £25 vouchers, and many more benefits. Visit our Membership page


Go to:   SCS Bank   

Bible4health Missions trading as SCS Bank (Super Charity Store Bank) Registered England & Wales; No: 08528700 


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